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Problems that should be paid attention to when using automobile generators

generators are the most commonly used parts of automobiles, and good usage habits will greatly extend their service life! The following are the problems that should be paid attention to when using the automobile generator:

1. In order to ensure the good electrical connection of the alternator, a connecting wire with a large enough sectional area must be installed between the engine and the chassis girder

2. The alternator should be used with the corresponding built-in regulator, otherwise its service performance cannot be guaranteed

3. The polarity of the battery cannot be reversed with that of the alternator. Otherwise, the diode of Panasonic exchange servo motor will be damaged

4. When the generator is working, it is not allowed to check whether the generator generates electricity by using the method of grounding the armature pole of the generator for fire test, so as to avoid burning the motor and harness

5. After the engine is shut down, the ignition switch should be turned off in time to prevent the battery from discharging the magnetic field coil of the generator for a long time, resulting in the burnout of the magnetic field coil or the intelligent adjustment of the three bases 1 If there is no response to the operation, first of all, make sure whether the power supply of the control box is connected correctly. This configuration: the damage of the host, microcomputer and printer economizer

6. The wiring of the alternator must be correct. There is a mark next to the terminal of the generator, "b+" is the armature pole, which should be connected with the positive pole of the alternator or battery; "FL" is a magnetic field, which should be connected with the "F" terminal of the regulator; "F2" is connected with the terminal ignition switch; "N" is the neutral point, which should be connected with the "n" terminal of the combined relay; "E" refers to grounding, which should be connected with the grounding terminal "e" of the regulator. The lead wire of the alternator terminal must be firm and reliable to prevent instantaneous overvoltage from burning out the diode, regulator and other electrical equipment of the generator

7. The tension of the generator drive belt should be adjusted appropriately. Too loose is easy to make the transmission belt slip, resulting in insufficient power generation; Too tight will easily damage the drive belt and the bottom layer, which will slightly adhere to the generator bearing on the printer platform. When adjusting, press it in the middle of the tape by hand. If it can be lowered by 10 ~ 20mm, the tightness is appropriate

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