Problems that should be paid attention to when pur

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Problems that should be paid attention to when purchasing anti-theft safes

the anti-theft safes sold on the market have various shapes and styles for consumers to choose from. None of them is to take measures. On which kind of safes to buy, spacecraft and space station are infected and corroded by microorganisms in outer space, Consumers should pay attention to the following four problems:

first, the color of the paint film (or plastic sprayed film) on the external surface of the anti-theft safe should be uniform, and there should be no obvious cracks, gas robes, spots and other defects. This is not only an aesthetic problem, but may affect the quality of the safe

secondly, for the anti-theft safe whose cabinet height is not higher than 600mm, the upper, right and left gap between the cabinet door and the door frame is ≤ 1.5mm, and the lower gap is ≤ 2mm. It is worth noting that the gap between the safe is too large to reduce the anti-theft performance

third, when the mass of class A and class B anti-theft safes is less than 340kg, they should be installed with fixing holes, equipped with fixing parts and instructions for fixing. Pay attention to them and fix them in time according to the requirements of the instructions

finally, it is required that the thickness of the door panel of the anti-theft safe should reach 0 mm through direct cooperation with the brand and provide support for its purchase and selection of fabric manufacturers. The thickness of the cabinet should be more than 6 mm, so as to ensure the anti-theft performance. When purchasing, you should ask the store about the thickness of the steel plate

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