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The new trend of food and beverage packaging

as the saying goes: everything is established in advance, and it is abandoned if not in advance. If anyone needs to prepare in advance during this period, it is those packaging professionals in the field of food and beverage, because in this field, the only constant is rapid change. This article will provide you, food and beverage packers, and those who are engaged in other market fields, but can also learn something from the development trend of food and beverage, with some views on how to make your packaging stand out. This article is not intended to be comprehensive or comprehensive. It is based on the opinions of experts in the field of food and beverage, so it can provide some useful pointers for the next step

sobe company does not need hot

filling pet drink bottles

sustainable packaging

"consumers' awareness of sustainable packaging is continuously increasing," said George Kellie, chairman of MicroFlex technologies, a British packaging consulting company, "People hope that packaging can reflect the connotation of products, especially when it comes to organic products. Packaging must be as good to the environment as food is to the body. In addition, people finally begin to accept that oil is a limited resource, and suitable substitutes must be found. French lawmakers recently passed a bill that will completely ban non biodegradable plastic packaging in 2010, which is this An extreme example of a development trend. But it does reflect public opinion. Therefore, although many major contributions to society are realized by plastic packaging, in fact, the public's view of plastic packaging is still very negative. At least, it sent a clear message to plastic packaging suppliers and users: "wake up, this is a changing world."

Nestle has launched a dairy box chocolate. The tray it uses is a biodegradable plant material based on corn starch, which is a clear signal. This kind of packaging is used in the UK, but there is also a strong concern for sustainable packaging in North America. Last October, the "sustainable packaging forum" sponsored by packaging strategies attracted more than 200 delegates to Philadelphia, USA

Matt Kistler, vice president of product development and private label of Wal Mart, also made a related speech. He encouraged suppliers to bring the idea of sustainable packaging to local retailers, even though such packaging may cost extra. In addition, he introduced a sustainable packaging campaign launched in Wal Mart stores last month. This activity will eliminate 114million transparent plastic packaging based on oil and replace it with PLA packaging based on corn provided by NatureWorks. "This is a path to change, which has positive significance for the environment and enterprises." Kistler said on the forum

packaging consultant mark niemiec also shares Kellie's view on sustainable packaging and that it should reflect the connotation of products

"in those areas where products and packaging can be integrated, there may be a very significant growth," niemiec said. "For example, water or milk, products are good for your body, and their packaging should be good for the environment. So to what extent will mainstream food and beverage packaging be affected? We have to wait and see."

trinity does not need side heating

filling pet mineral water bottles

niemiec also added the "sustainable packaging forum" held last October. He commented on Kistler's speech: "this may represent a turning point. I know this is really a different message from what people usually hear."

Niemiec also wants to know whether the corporate behavior involved in packaging can further accept this idea. Under these conditions, CEOs will have to ensure that their companies are very stable from a social, environmental and financial perspective

"look at Danone," niemiec said. "They used to use a plastic seal on every yogurt cup. Now they have eliminated this plastic seal, replaced it with aluminum foil, and printed explanatory words on the aluminum foil to explain why they do this."

experts estimate that the interest in sustainable packaging will continue to rise, especially now the rising oil price has actually caught up with the additional costs that packers had to pay for renewable packaging materials in the past

hot filling vs sterile filling

some industry observers predict that we will soon see a trend of sterile filling plastic containers that will replace hot filling pet. Their reasons include: bottles can be lighter and cheaper, and the hot filling production lines that the beverage industry has invested heavily in are now composed of obsolete equipment, which really needs to be replaced

gordon bockner is the president of the business development association and a well-known observer and analyst of pet market and technology. He also believes that the North American market will see significant growth in low acid beverages that are aseptically filled into PET containers. "For example, tea drinks or milk, or drinks containing nutritional additives, such as assure or boost, are good objects." He said

"At present, the reason why the application of pet in aseptic filling is blocked is that FDA prohibits any fungicide other than hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is not suitable for pet, because it will be absorbed by pet, which will have a bad impact on the taste of products. In Europe, people use oxonia as a fungicide for PET materials, but in the United States, FDA does not allow this at present.

compared with HDPE multilayer barrier currently used in aseptic filling in the United States Compared with separated containers, the transparency of pet is a major advantage, which makes pet popular among consumers and brand owners, which will also promote the beverage industry to find a way to make pet a part of sterile filling materials, bockner said

"what I expect to see is," he said, "It is Krones, Shibuya, stork, procomac, Tetra Pak and KHS, these famous aseptic filling equipment suppliers, who can continue to develop innovative sterilization processes that are suitable for pet and can be approved by FDA. Will the solution be oxonia? Maybe, but maybe not. Remember, just because it is used in Europe, it cannot mean that it will also be recognized in the United States."

ray Bourque, President of ray Pak, a packaging consulting company, also believes that low acid products filled in rigid plastic containers through aseptic filling should be more widely recognized. "Especially from the perspective of quality and nutrients, some such" new era "beverages are not suitable for hot filling." Bourque said, "at the same time, aseptic filling has also made great progress in the past few years. You can see that the safety system, which is opposite to the linear system, is generally composed of body, side rope, tether and other components. The rotating system has smaller aseptic room and faster speed. From a certain point of view, the complexity and cost of a set of aseptic filling system are becoming the past. So you will see that some obstacles that hinder the development are disappearing."

avomex's refrigerated meat

food package, only the corn cake package

is loaded without high-pressure processing (HPP)

another recent development in sterile packaging may become a signal, which is the nautix beverage launched by jumex in Mexico City in October. This production line of flavored water for children represents the first commercial application of tetra wedge aseptic technology of Tetra Pak company. Nautix beverages are packaged by a Tetra Pak tva-19 machine, which is somewhat similar to other machines used to produce tetra wedge packaging based on aluminum foil. What makes nautix different is that its packaging uses transparent silicon dioxide instead of aluminum foil as the barrier layer. This 200 ml package has a shelf life of one year, which is similar to other products that use aseptic filling. But transparency is a significant difference, which makes it have many advantages in marketing and shelf influence

hot filling

while aseptic filling technology continues to develop, hot filling technology has also made progress. "Hot filling still has a place, especially in fruit juice and sports drinks." Bourque said

trinity organic of Trinity mineral water company and adrialine sport of SOBE beverage company are two good examples. These two kinds of beverage bottles represent a breakthrough because they no longer require side wall vacuum edges. In traditional technology, these vacuum edges are needed for hot filling PET bottles. Because when the filled and capped beverage bottle cools, an internal vacuum environment will be formed, and the pressure caused by this vacuum environment must be offset, otherwise the side wall of the bottle will collapse

Trinity mineral water company, located in Boise, Indiana, USA, chose Amcor's PowerFlex technology to meet its requirements for hot filled pet. This 16 ounce PowerFlex bottle has a specially designed bottom that can absorb the pressure caused by vacuum without additional side walls. This in turn means that this kind of bottle is easier to label, and there is no need to consider the position of the side edges when designing the pattern on the label

sobe beverage company adopts another way to realize the hot filling scheme without side edges. This company, located in Norwalk, Cincinnati, USA, is Pepsi Cola North America with high geometric accuracy

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