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Another new type of carrier based aircraft from China has made a shocking debut. Zhang Zhaozhong: the new killer weapon

suspected 003 aircraft carrier segment

the large aircraft carrier battle group in the sea is an indispensable military force. China is a rising star in the construction of aircraft carriers. When Americans are still questioning whether China can afford four aircraft carriers, Chinese military expert Yin Zhuo said that the Chinese navy will have at least six aircraft carriers in the future

more Brazilians said: "with China's economic strength, it is more than enough to operate more than 20 aircraft carriers at the same time, so that at least a dozen aircraft carriers can be maintained in an all-weather combat state, and at that time, the Chinese navy will be unparalleled in the world." It is too early to build more than 20 aircraft carriers, but it is reported that China has begun the construction of the third and fourth aircraft carriers. A few days ago, it was analyzed that the 003 electric bomb aircraft carrier built by China at the Jiangnan manufacturing plant in Shanghai has completed the construction of three main sections. The freight rates of Capesize ships on all routes have increased or decreased by no 1

compared with aircraft carriers, the development of a new carrier based aircraft, another combat artifact of the Chinese Navy, is urgent. On October 9, 2018, academician sun Cong of the Chinese Academy of engineering and a team of people from the Shenfei Research Institute went to Guiyang Aviation Development Institute to investigate the development progress of an engine. According to external speculation, as the chief engineer of the J-15 carrier based aircraft, academician sun Cong is likely to collect the turbofan-19 intermediate thrust engine for the j-31 ship boarding project, In order to catch up with the progress of synchronous construction with the 003 aircraft carrier

suspected turbofan-19 engine

before it was officially confirmed as a fourth generation carrier aircraft, it was revealed that Guiyang Aviation Development Institute was responsible for turbofan-19, turbofan-12 or turbofan-13e engines, as well as the Shendiao UAV project. Previously, it was also reported that the Shendiao UAV will be finalized for mass production by the end of 2018, so that the assembled troops have become another world war of the Chinese air force. In the bonding process, the process of mixing water-based shoe glue on site can be omitted, which is a slightly killer mace

judging from some configurations of the aircraft carrier of China's Liaoning ship, which is now pressurized and then blasted, the main carrier equipment includes J-15 carrier aircraft, zhi-18 early warning, anti submarine helicopters and other major models. With the batch installation of the new generation of U.S. F-35 stealth carrier aircraft, the upgrading of the carrier class of China's aircraft carrier is the general trend, so it is necessary to develop more types of carrier aircraft for the next generation of aircraft carriers to choose from

the air police-600 carrier based early warning aircraft has appeared on the publicly displayed aircraft carrier model for many times. The zhi20 helicopter completed the carrier based take-off and landing test during the first sea trial of the domestic aircraft carrier on May 5. The j-31 or j-20 is also in the process of being launched. It is expected to make a major breakthrough in 2019. In the face of the complex international situation, it is time for the carrier based aircraft to be mass produced and put into service

hk-5000g new fixed wing Shipborne UAV

recently, a big surprise broke out on the official customs clearance platform of "China Shipbuilding sea and air equipment", an enterprise under China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. From the pictures released, it can be seen that in the six-day international large-scale Zhuhai Air Show from November 6 to 11, the organization will display a model of hk-5000g fixed wing UAV. From the external characteristics of the pictures of the UAV in the invitation letter, This UAV is similar to the rainbow-5 Chada all-in-one UAV. The highlight of this time is that it has double front wheels and an upward folding wing design. It is not difficult to speculate that a new type of carrier based aircraft in China will be unveiled in the near future. Next, we will wait and see at the Zhuhai air show

more importantly, in carrier based aircraft, China is not only unable to find ways to overcome shortcomings, but also developing technologies to actively restrain enemy carrier based aircraft, According to the famous expert Zhang Zhao, the innovative cooperation mode of fabrics in the clothing and footwear industry was rebuilt. Rear admiral Zhong Qian said: "In response to the aircraft carrier offensive, China can militarize the UAV cluster technology. When 100 or 200 military UAVs with a unit price of 1000 yuan appear above the aircraft carrier for a cluster attack, first of all, it can disable its electronic system, or send 500 suicide drones as the pioneer to hover in the airspace above the aircraft carrier, then the other carrier's carrier will immediately have a bird impact effect once it takes off, that is, the other carrier's aircraft will have no chance to take off. ”In this way, the Chinese navy has another aircraft carrier killer mace, which is icing on the cake. (author's signature: frontier post/Jiangfeng)

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