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The new trend of food packaging in the international market

convenience packaging has numerous advantages: light weight, easy to carry, easy to open, and can be sealed again. Its safety label is the guarantee of product safety. Most pre filled ready to eat food packages are more recyclable and can be stored for a long time

however, under the premise of "convenience", the needs of customers are constantly changing. These special effects have long been a popular cantilever impact testing machine in the American packaging industry. Its impact energy unit in ASTM (American Society for testing and materials) is j/m or ft lb/in, and consumers take these special effects for granted. In order to compete in today's competitive consumer market, packaging companies can only improve the types and materials of packaging. More companies believe that the new principle of convenience packaging is to make consumers' lives more convenient

obviously, the packaging with self heating or freezing function will become the latest development hotspot of the food and beverage packaging industry. American consumers are eagerly looking forward to the emergence of relevant products. At the same time, this is also the general trend of the development of convenience food packaging in the world

however, not all packaging trends are dominated by the United States. Cooling containers, dense bags, plastic beer bottles, etc. were not developed and put on the market in the United States. At present, major global market brands have understood that high-quality products alone can no longer meet the needs of consumers. On the contrary, they should pay more attention to image, design, packaging and other aspects. To be ahead of their peers, Canners and beverage manufacturers have to improve the packaging of their products to meet the needs of consumers and match their preference for a convenient lifestyle

packaging manufacturers have begun to focus on supermarket users in recent years. One of the best examples is the packaging with self heating or cooling function. In the past, this technology was only applied to military rations or camping supplies, so the market penetration was relatively low. Over the past decade, packaging companies have been committed to developing this packaging technology. In addition, convenience packaging is also popular in the market. It is natural for the beverage and canning industry to add this element to the packaging of products, especially pre meal wine that needs to be warm and beverages that help digestion

a self heating package will soon be launched in the US and UK markets. It is a multi-layer, seamless container made by injection molding. The inner layer of the container is divided into multiple intervals to allow the product to heat itself. Its heating principle is: when the user removes the foil from the container and presses the bottom of the container, the water and limestone in the container will produce a chemical reaction, release heat energy, and then heat the product

in addition, cooling technology is another project committed to the development of the U.S. packaging industry. One of the latest technologies is called "instant cool". This package has a condenser, an evaporation cell and a bag of desiccant made of salt inside. When cooled, the steam and liquid generated by catalysis will be stored at the bottom of the package. This technology can also be applied to ordinary containers, which can reduce the temperature of the items in the container to 17 ℃ (30 ° f) in a few minutes. Market participants expect that the two American companies that invented this technology will obtain the exclusive patent right of the relevant technology and sell containers equipped with this technology around the world

this packaging technology has attracted the attention of different groups of people, such as cyclists and fishermen. As this technology is still in its infancy, the industry still needs to wait and see which one will eventually become the mainstream

however, for more technical articles and knowledge about the friction and wear experimental machine, please refer to the information of Shandong Sida high tech station or call the sales technicians of the public standard to introduce the relevant technology to you in detail. The industry is eagerly looking forward to the opportunities brought by intelligent packaging, and the beverage and canned food industry has also made a warm response. It is expected that more and more foods will be launched in the form of convenient packaging in the future, so as to meet the needs of convenient consumers

source: Global corrugated box industry

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