The hottest new trend of global beer packaging

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New trend of global beer packaging

beer packaging in the future will no longer be dominated by glass bottles and aluminum cans. Nowadays, people are tired of the bulkiness and light weight of glass bottles, and personal injuries caused by the explosion of beer bottles are also common. Therefore, the consumer market has a very urgent demand for the packaging of new beer. In order to meet the consumption trend, countries all over the world are now committed to the development of new beer packaging by putting fixtures and experimental pieces into a constant temperature bath as shown in the photos. A plastic beer that can replace glass bottles has been successfully developed according to the national standard for marking distance bottles

plastic beer bottles have many advantages, such as light weight, high strength, good toughness, not easy to break, easy to make various specifications and shapes, etc. unlike ordinary carbonated beverages, beer is easy to oxidize, so the barrier performance of containers is very strict. How to improve the barrier performance of materials and keep the production cost within an acceptable range has become a key issue in the development and production of plastic beer bottles

there are several processing schemes for producing plastic beer bottles: first, produce single-layer bottles, and the material can be 100% pen; The second is to produce high barrier multi-layer bottles, that is, using multi-layer co injection process to form EVOH or pen sandwich in PET materials, but this method has little room for material selection, and waste recycling has environmental protection restrictions; Third, coating materials are used on pet, but it is difficult to use and is not conducive to environmental protection; Fourth, use mixtures. At present, the major PET container equipment manufacturers in the world are fully developing the processing technology of plastic bottles that can be used for beer packaging. Among them, SIPA company in Italy has made a comprehensive and complete experiment on the above scheme, and has produced 100% pen beer bottles with the first scheme. According to the ifbmnansy test conducted by the French Vandoeuvre beer Institute, the performance indicators of this 330ml pen bottle are basically the same as those of the standard 330ml glass bottle. Compared with pet, the bottle made of pen material can enhance the barrier performance, further reduce the weight of the bottle, and is conducive to recycling, but the product cost is correspondingly increased

in view of the high production cost, relevant experts believe that the high price of pen in the world at present is mainly due to the small application scope and output of pen. With the formation of large-scale production, the product cost will gradually decrease, so the application of pen to process beer bottles will have broad market prospects, It will become the development direction of beer plastic packaging

with the enhancement of people's health awareness and the continuous improvement of quality of life, consumers' demand for beer with low alcohol content will increase significantly, and the application of new beer packaging will be more extensive. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend for plastic beer packaging to enter people's life

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