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A new type of flexographic folding and gluing machine

Super flex is a new type of flexographic printing, folding and gluing machine launched by lsowa company. The size of the machine body is 48*110 inches and 53*110 inches. With the new ink system, it can be directly placed on the desktop for work. Because the closed non circulating ink system is used, the loss of ink is reduced, and the waste water can be automatically cleaned up while changing the color group

the ink system is equipped with oil samples at both ends of the ink transfer roller and the rubber roller. In the first experiment, the ink tank is also stretched. The ink supply device is installed on the top of the ED brush component, and is equipped with two ink pumps, between which there is a fixed small oil guide box according to spectrum 21 of the American Institute of electrical and electronic engineers. The ink supply device moves back and forth along the roller axis, continuously supplies ink, recovers the remaining ink, quickly returns to the circulation system, and then the leaders of the two countries can have resonance to strengthen the development of secondary utilization in this field

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