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Social communication: the new trend of marketing communication

the abuse of commercial communication means is a feature of this era of fierce market competition. Streets and alleys are full of a strong commercial flavor, traditional 10 The belt that drives the oil pump is loose, and the media and new media have surrounded consumers heavily. Advertising has become something that Chinese consumers can see as long as they raise their eyelids. People generally feel visual fatigue. Nevertheless, the enterprise is not satisfied. A high stage is set up at the entrance of the mall, and some fashionable women are hired to sing and dance on it. Although only a few people stop to watch, it will not lead the enterprise not to adopt this street way to conduct public relations. The information consumers often see in the media is the praise of a certain enterprise or brand, or the praise of the boss of a certain enterprise or brand to his own enterprise. For those self proclaimed public relations rhetoric, increasingly rational consumers began to have immunity

the appeal of business communication - "Huyou" has gradually declined in effect and viscosity. More and more cases tell us that in today's marketing communication, social communication has become a new force to create and touch consumers

the "copper smell" of commercial communication is getting stronger and stronger, and homogeneous communication causes embarrassment.

as Dong Mingzhu, President of Gree Electric Appliance, said, the current business spirit of pursuing fame and fortune is very prominent, but the industrial spirit based on greater consumer satisfaction is relatively lacking. The same is true in the field of brand communication of enterprises. Those lively commercial public relations means of self promotion have been used to the extreme, but there are fewer and fewer brand communication from the perspective of long-term brand construction and target consumer preferences. The creativity of public relations companies seems to have begun to dry up. In addition to street performances, press conferences with certain events, tofu pieces flying all over the sky like snowflakes, and celebrity endorsements, there are no new ways of public relations communication. The effect of these exposed and self publicized business communication means is getting worse as people fall into the ocean of information, so that there is often an embarrassing situation that only 10 people's press conferences are vigorously hyped by the media. Enterprises often spend a lot of public relations and communication fees, but they are not effective. In the post "loudspeaker communication" era, we should improve the connotation of communication from a social perspective

we need to calmly think about and examine the communication strategy. The highest level of brand is that you hardly need to say that your product is good, and many consumers will come to you smelling it. Starbucks coffee never introduces that its coffee is better in quality and taste than other coffee shops, but it is still the first choice of many consumers, who often come for a place where they can relax and experience another feeling. Commercial communication is the product of the era of sound, and the communication strategy of the trumpet in the era of production teams. Self promotional advertising, self boasting public relations activities, and self acting all belong to this kind of communication, but consumers are tired of this way. Consumers want corporate brands to communicate with them tacitly, that is, they don't have to tell them who you are, but consumers have learned your quality and image from certain events, styles and behaviors related to you. Therefore, the trumpet business communication strategy is no longer attractive. People hope you can have some different communication connotation, that is, enterprises need to learn to think and build brand communication strategies from a social perspective

the social communication of "third-party manufacturing" shows its explosive power in a small test

when Hu Ge used the "steamed bread" video to spoof a film that could have been very bad by providing highly targeted segmentation products, it attracted the attention of hundreds of millions of people. Hu Ge became famous overnight, and in fact, the film also took advantage of it. In the whole process, there was no direct lens to say that the film was bad, but when people finished watching the video, they naturally knew the result, which was the spread of wisdom. In 2005, baidu made use of the wonderful funny video "Baidu knows more Chinese" to earn a lot of people's attention. Solution: monument, like sneezing, everyone has actively spread this business brand to Mr. Zhang Lianghua, deputy general manager of beneck Changshun automotive interior materials, so that Baidu's brand has also been spread. The power of social groups is infinite, so the power of social communication can be seen

sublimate business communication into social communication, and corporate brands can control consumers' minds more widely and deeply with the help of third-party platforms or third-party forces. When an enterprise makes social donations, consumers will think you are a negative brand; When an enterprise learns to care about the development of the industry instead of just telling itself, consumers will think you are a leading brand in the industry; When an enterprise uses the platform and power of a third party to convey its ideas, consumers will feel natural and will not regard you as a utilitarian business organization

more and more corporate brands have begun to use social communication to promote their brands. Many NGOs (non-governmental organizations) around the world are actively supporting enterprises to have more conscious awareness and action to undertake society, which has also created the soil for social communication. Enterprises spread their brands with some indirect means of public welfare and highlighting the society, and win everyone's favor and attention. This is a clever and clever social communication strategy. For example, not long ago, i-Pod released an iPod index, which investigated and analyzed the sales prices of iPods in 26 countries. After the results were released, economic research institutions set it as a new economic evaluation index from the perspective of purchasing power and exchange rate level, which not only made the iPod win unexpected social value, but also made consumers feel refreshing. Now, many companies release annual social white papers, or invest to carry out lifestyle surveys for target consumer groups, or name index research in a certain field, which are the best choice for social communication. Because, as a leading brand, we should look at a group from a higher perspective, or put our image in a more forward-looking perspective, in order to win the love of consumers. Moreover, such social communication activities can also make investors, competitors and even the whole society have a good impression of you

social communication can expand the social connotation of enterprise brands and have more vitality

in today's pervasive business communication, social communication has its continuous vitality and value. To achieve sustainable development, an enterprise needs to change from "production concept" and "product concept" to "social marketing concept", devote to the communication at the social level, and endow the brand with deeper and broader brand connotation from the social level, so as to establish a high-end brand image, which is the premise for the enterprise to gain respect and trust. (end)

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