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The old order and new application of TV boxes may encounter the strictest regulation in history. On the eve of the Spring Festival, the news that "Ott boxes will encounter the strictest regulation in history and cannot be listed without serial numbers" once again triggered panic in the Internet set-top box industry. The wind tightened. On the eve of the Spring Festival, it was said that an Ott box would encounter the strictest regulation in history, and the news that it could not be listed without serial number once again triggered panic in the Internet set-top box industry. Insiders generally believe that this is an old order and a new one. In the future, the supervision of the Internet set-top box industry will be gradually strengthened

software and hardware supervision is normal

ott boxes are interconnected set-top boxes. Ordinary TVs can be connected to the network through set-top boxes to realize the interconnection of TVs. In recent years, with the popularity of LETV, Xiaomi and other enterprises, the Internet set-top box market has mushroomed

SARFT has always been very strict in the supervision of Internet set-top boxes. For example, in 1 Turning the rod of the zigzag mechanism to the limit on the left (opposite to the black knob) the hydraulic universal experimental machine 1 can generally do zigzag and stretching. The set-top box cannot directly access the public interconnection, cannot carry out user management, billing and authentication with the transmission network operator, and cannot be sold outside the designated area

after the tightening of the wind, there are also strict requirements on hardware. That is, the set-top box approved by the State Administration at the software level also needs to wait for the serial number issued by radio and television. Without the serial number, it cannot be listed. Set top box sales should go through two processes: filing and approval. A person in charge of a set-top box enterprise who did not want to be named said that before this rectification, the boxes of Ott manufacturers could be reported only after being licensed

under such requirements, at present, only a few boxes have barely passed the review of the State Administration of commerce at the software level, and few enterprises have obtained serial numbers. According to the public information, at present, only blockbuster and Microsoft's Xbox one have obtained the serial number of the State Administration, allowing them to be sold as Ott set-top boxes

however, for the new regulatory order, wuchunyong, an expert in radio and television, believes that the operation is simple: the experimental process and result processing meet the experimental standards, which is not a new regulation. The tightening of the policy can be understood as the reiteration of the No. 181 document issued by the State Administration in 2011 and the continuation of the previous net action. The official name of Document No. 181 is "requirements for the operation and management of institutions holding Internet TV licenses", which was issued by the former general office of the State Administration of radio, film and television in 2011. Document No. 181 brings the Internet TV box into the management scope of the Internet TV all-in-one machine, and emphasizes that the Internet TV terminal products can only be linked to the Internet TV integration platform, and the terminal products must not have other channels to access the Internet, and must not be linked with the relevant management systems and data bases of network operating enterprises. Users directly download video apps or use other means to download and use video apps to directly obtain Internet content, which is equivalent to bypassing supervision, and will not meet the original intention of net action

Li Congxiang, spokesman of Skyworth Group, also added that in fact, SARFT has always had strict requirements. For example, set-top box sales enterprises must sign cooperation agreements with content licensees and broadcast control licensees respectively in order to sell in compliance. SKYWORTH's Ott set-top box content partner is southern media, and the broadcasting control license is Youpeng Pule. Both content and broadcast control licensees are radio and television enterprises

enterprises taking chances are at risk

the tightening of the wind is also regarded by the outside world as a continuation of the strike hard order of last June. At that time, the Liaison Department of the State Administration of publication, radio, film and television issued closure letters to Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of publication, radio, film and television and Shanghai Municipal Administration of culture, radio, film and television, requiring the two Internet TV licensees, Huashu and blockbuster, to rectify, and pointed out that the boxes of well-known brands such as LETV and tmall contained unlicensed video apps such as Youku, iqiyi and Sohu Video. SARFT requires that the download channels of various commercial audiovisual station client software, various video aggregation software and Internet browser software in all its Internet TV terminal products be closed immediately, and the downloaded software be technically processed immediately

previously, the relevant person in charge of SARFT said in an interview that the purpose of supervision is not to stop, but to regulate the market

ott market is indeed in a mixed situation. It is time to rectify. In 2013, the shipments of Internet TV set-top boxes reached 10 million, of which less than 20% cooperated with licensees. In addition, Shanzhai boxes rose in an all-round way, becoming the main force in the delivery of Internet TV set-top boxes in 2013, with a share of more than 80%. These Shanzhai boxes do not have relevant licenses in terms of software and hardware, and there is no copyright authorization in terms of content. Some self built servers or stolen chains even provide live streams and channels that spread overseas and even pornographic content prohibited by document 181

before the crackdown, Shanzhai boxes grew wildly in this regulatory window period. According to Zeng Huiming, CEO of China Broadcasting Internet, in the absence of supervision and law enforcement, the internal capacity of Internet set-top boxes developed by disciplined enterprises is relatively small, and they lose competitiveness in the market competition. The industry is mixed, and bad money drives out good money, which urgently needs serious supervision

when asked whether the tightening of the policy would have an impact on the market sales and share price of Internet set-top box companies, most Internet set-top box companies declined the interview on the grounds that they were unaware that the long Spring Festival holiday was not over

in June last year, SARFT issued a closure letter, requiring the immediate closure of illegal video software download channels in Internet TV terminal products. LETV and other set-top box companies' share prices fell in response. Then in mid July, some media reported that SARFT issued a supervision order against Internet TV and set-top boxes, and LETV and other enterprises were criticized by SARFT. Many Box Companies' share prices directly read the quantitative limit. Wu Chunyong believes that this tightening will not be as sudden as the crackdown last June. Since last June, many enterprises have made rectification, so the impact will not be as obvious as last time. However, if enterprises have a fluke mentality and do not layout according to the policies and regulations, they hope to earn money first, and then there may be risks such as product obsolescence and cooperation termination

at present, the main box manufacturing enterprises are Internet enterprises and household appliance enterprises, which are used to dealing with the policies of radio and television. The management is familiar with the policy, but the deployment at the strategic level is opposite to the policy, and the desire for quick success and instant benefit is very serious, Wu Chunyong pointed out. Insiders generally believe that the radio and television policies will be tightened more and more, and enterprises will definitely suffer if they do not comply with the regulations

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