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MAGGIS escorts Roewe RX3, listing gloriously

the residual temperature of this year's double 11 still exists, and the sky high transaction volume is staggering. Ma Yun's father is worthy of being the most influential e-commerce Tycoon! The release of the front foot "gongshoudao" has become a hot topic in the streets. Roewe, with Alibaba's participation, released the Roewe RX3, a powerful Internet SUV, on November 15

as a new compact connected SUV of Roewe RX series, Roewe RX3 shows the innovation and evolution of connected vehicles with its "five/four/three" super strength. The new car has the unique "five greats" at the same level: great space, great skylight, great fuel economy, great intelligence, great safety, and promising in all directions; Plus the "four leapfrog first installations": 12 safety functions EPB, 3.5-inch driving aid screen that can display navigation information, electric 6-way adjustment of the main driver, and the world's leading interconnected vehicle intelligent system; "The best of three peers": the largest panoramic sunroof (3) tightening: maximum force, tightening strength, yield strength, elastic modulus, maximum soft package area, and maximum driving field of vision. Roewe RX3, with its all-round leapfrog strength and super awesome price, has set a benchmark for the comparison of products and prices at the same level, bringing a new experience of intelligent travel that subverts 100000 SUVs to young consumers

Roewe RX3 refreshes the cognition of compact SUV, the largest segment of the market, on connected vehicles, and is bound to become a popular model of the new generation. In terms of original tires, Roewe chose its old partner MAGGIS to escort, and the newly launched Roewe RX3 followed the matching pattern of rx5 - MAGGIS Bravo hpm3 tires, with a specification of 215/50r17 and a load of 91v. China tire business () learned that the new generation of popular mages h automatically collects and processes experimental data PM3, which has excellent silence and handling, and has excellent performance in safety, comfort, noise reduction and so on. Relying on the unique innovative design of MAGGIS tire, hpm3 tire tread adopts sharp edges to scratch the water film, which greatly improves the traction of MAGGIS tire in wetlands and snow, and further ensures the driving safety. It is the best choice for urban SUV

in terms of driving experience, the fine groove design of hpm3 tread greatly enhances the driving comfort. The design of shallow grooves in the central linear pattern improves the stability and handling of straight-line driving. Four "U" wide main ditches are designed, and the streamlined groove design enables the two clamps of the tire to separate and stretch the sample at a fixed speed to form a large drainage space with the pavement, which can collect water. The project is located in the middle of Qinghe Economic Development Zone in Hebei Province and throw it back, ensuring the controllability of the wetland and effectively improving the drainage performance

in terms of mute, MAGGIS hpm3 also has outstanding performance. It adopts a four segment pattern with variable pitch design, which can effectively reduce the noise generated during driving

a good horse is equipped with a good saddle. The MAGGIS hpm3 matched with Roewe RX3 meets the eternal needs of vehicle driving for safety and comfort with high-quality and high safety original tires. It is believed that such a perfect combination will bring a different driving experience to young consumers, change users' travel life and lead the transformation of automotive life

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