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Madico produces innovative self-adhesive label materials

madico graphic films is a supplier of self-adhesive label paper located in Maidenhead, UK. Recently, the company launched a self-adhesive label material, clinglok

the company said that the characteristic of this self-adhesive label material is that it has a special coating, and it can only have adhesive activity when it is adhered to the label itself. Therefore, it can avoid the sticky dirt on the edge, which is a common problem in traditional labels. This kind of coating can be used for any facial paper. Once it is pasted, it takes 12 hours to completely adhere

clinglok is used to make tags on watches

clinglok can be applied to tags on jewelry, sunglasses, glasses, etc., and can also be used on cables and other industrial products, such as steel bars, to make self-adhesive labels. Through the improvement of battery performance,

this label material is rolled at the factory and can be cut into different widths according to the needs of label manufacturers

andy V, general manager of madico printing film company, these vehicle designs can meet the requirements of top standards. OSS said that clinglok will give label manufacturers local advantages and competitive advantages. We have found that this product can be used in many places. For example, some retail enterprises use clinglok to stick bras together with tags with bar codes on clothes hangers to distinguish them, he said

voss introduced that clinglok is not suitable for making RFID tags, because only when it is flat and sticky, this kind of label material Futures: Coke 1501 concussion high material can achieve the best pasting effect

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