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Made in Hunan appeared in Sany quality endorsement

made in Hunan appeared in Sany quality endorsement

China Construction machinery information

Guide: at the Hunan Transportation Construction Expo and the fifth Hunan Construction machinery and special vehicles exhibition held on April 28, Sany won industry experts The compliments of the audience and other exhibitors have increased the difficulty of law enforcement and become the focus of the exhibition

at the Hunan Transportation Construction Expo and the fifth Hunan Construction machinery and special vehicle exhibition held on April 28, Sany won the praise of industry experts, visitors and other exhibitors with its striking and huge booth and rich and high-quality exhibition equipment, and became the focus of the exhibition

Huang Jianlong, general manager of Sany Heavy Industry, said in his speech as a representative of the exhibitors: Sany is willing to work with its peers to jointly contribute to the expansion and strengthening of Hunan's construction machinery by officially passing the national standard "determination of thermal viscosity of thermoplastic and its composite materials" recently through expert review. He believes that: the competitiveness of the industry is greater than the competitiveness of enterprises. As long as the competitiveness of the whole industry is improved, and even the enterprises in the industry have full development space, the overall strength of the whole industry will be enhanced and expanded. At the same time, he said: by participating in this domestic industry machinery event and exchanging and learning with many industry elites participating in the exhibition, Sany has found the best window to overlook the development of domestic construction machinery

as the largest construction machinery Expo in central and southern China, this year's exhibition attracted nearly 70 manufacturers. As the first co organizer, Sany Heavy Industry exhibited 10 advanced equipment, including the world's first three graded concrete pump, a new generation of pump truck, concrete mixer truck, high-grade pavement machinery and dump truck; At the same time, Sany booth, which occupied the best position of the exhibition, attracted many eyes at the exhibition, fully reflecting its impressive momentum as one of the leading enterprises in China's construction machinery industry

during the exhibition, many construction units and middlemen expressed great interest in Sany products and frequently asked the exhibition staff for information. At present, the 56 meter pump truck of Sany Heavy Industry, the highest boom in China, is surrounded by many visitors. Looking up at the towering boom, visitors repeatedly thumbed up and praised "Sany Heavy Industry, it's really good!" On the opening day, many foreign manufacturers expressed their intention to sign orders

it is reported that Hunan Construction Machinery Exhibition has been held for four consecutive sessions. As the largest construction machinery exhibition in central and southern China, it has been highly praised by more than 1300 engineering construction units and professionals. The exhibition of Sany Heavy Industry will undoubtedly create a good opportunity for the influence of Sany brand and products in Hunan Province, especially in the engineering construction machinery industry in Hunan Province. The shore a hardness is related to the displacement of the indenter By measuring the displacement of the pressure needle, Sany customers and potential customers can better understand and trust Sany through face-to-face communication

it is also understood that this year, our province plans to invest 9.554 billion yuan in highway construction. Therefore, the sales of construction machinery products in Hunan Province will face a rapidly growing and huge market

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