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Magic anti-corrosion plastic bag extends the fresh-keeping period of food

a magic anti-corrosion plastic bag has recently been developed abroad, which can extend the fresh-keeping period of food to three years. It is not only suitable for ordinary users, but also especially suitable for fruit and food industry and long-distance transportation industry. Troy, Mississippi, USA, has adopted the method of placing a layer of plastic film in conventional packaging bags, and has initially received good results. The film contains a chemical called amosorb, which can eliminate the oxygen in the packaging bag. After repeated experiments for a long time, it shows that the food stored in the new fresh-keeping bag can achieve the effect of long-term preservation

Wayne handles company of Australia also 2. Repeatability of environmental conditions 1 set of environmental experimental equipment can be used by Jinan time experimental machine technology Co., Ltd. to prompt you to load a fixed load, which can be used for repeated experiments of the same type of products for similar research. Scientists use the method of filling mixed chemicals into plastic bags, but do not remove oxygen, but eliminate the gas in the bag that promotes the ripening and deterioration of fruits, so as to keep fruits fresh for a long time

the Australian scientific research team is also conducting a test of a deoxidizing chemical, mainly in concrete buildings. The physical properties of this substance are similar to amosorb, but the fresh-keeping effect is better. It is said that the substance was in a dormant state before being exposed to special light waves, and the chemical molecules in it began to become active after being exposed to light waves. In other words, when packaging food, there is no need to carry out complex deaeration treatment, as long as the last process of packaging food is irradiated with special light waves

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