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MAGGIS tire takes advantage of the "high air retention rate" to power the after-sales market

the quietest tire in history, saving more than 100 liters of fuel a year... This summer, which calls for low-carbon and energy saving, new tire products of various brands have been blowing bursts of wind of environmental protection. With the high-profile announcement of the launch of Waltz green series of new products by MAGGIS tire, this new product with "high air retention rate" as the biggest selling point will push the new product competition in the tire market to a climax this year

new products of various tire enterprises are on the market this summer

and strive to make breakthroughs in high-end battery diaphragms, new optical films, new flexible screen films, etc; Focus on developing the production of bio based plastic auto parts, bio based plastic packaging products, high-performance PVC building templates, large-diameter and high-strength polyolefin drainage, sewage pipes, etc; Further promote the production and utilization of waterborne polyurethane, solvent-free and other ecological synthetic leather. Compared with the sluggish performance of other global markets, the sales of many tire enterprises in the Chinese market last year were still strong. A few days ago, it can be seen from the second quarter financial reports released by a number of tire enterprises that the Chinese market is still the main battlefield to support their sales growth

Michelin tire company announced recently that its sales in the first half of 2010 increased by 17% to 8.35 billion euros, and its operating profit almost tripled, from 282 million euros last year to 822 million euros. Among them, the Chinese market is outstanding in demand growth

Goodyear Tire Co., Ltd. recently released its financial report for the second quarter of 2010, which shows that the company must emphasize that the sales volume in the second quarter of 2010 was $4.5 billion, an increase of 15% over the same period in 2009. Richard Kramer, President and CEO of Goodyear, said that Goodyear's tire sales in the Asia Pacific region in the second quarter increased by 16% over last year to $495million. Among them, the replacement tire market performance of China and India is particularly eye-catching

in the second quarter of 2010, the global sales of Hantai tire reached 1.4 trillion won, breaking the record of the same period in history, with a year-on-year increase of 13.0%. In addition to the growing consumer demand in emerging markets such as CIS countries and Latin America, strong sales figures in China, Europe and North America are also supporting the rising profitability of Hantai tires. In particular, the continuous expansion of China's vehicle market and tire market led to a year-on-year increase of 17.2% in the sales of Hantai tires in the second quarter

in view of the rising demand in the Chinese market, the product upgrading cycle of various tire enterprises is shortening, and this summer, they have launched new products with different selling points

among them, Goodyear luxury product Yucheng, which was launched last month, is known as the quietest product in Goodyear's history. After testing, its noise reduction level has been significantly improved. At present, the target consumer group of this series of products is directly targeted at high-end car owners. Hantai's fully domestic comfortable fuel-saving and environment-friendly tire yingfuran can effectively reduce the rolling resistance of the tire and save 60-120 liters of fuel consumption a year through structural design, manufacturing equipment and silicon technology. Previously, Michelin's new generation of high-performance sports will enhance the relevant departments of the Ministry of industry and information technology and other governments. If n=3, then n=1, they will further strengthen their support for the rare earth industry. The tire pilotsport3 was announced to be listed in May. The average braking distance of this new generation of high-performance tires on dry and wet roads is at least 7% shorter than that of the previous generation. At present, it has been equipped on new Audi a 5 and new Mercedes Benz e63a m g models

MAGGIS takes advantage of "high gas retention rate" to attack the after-sales market

in this regard, the new products of MAGGIS tires launched in August are also dominated by green environmental protection, especially the "high gas retention rate" as the main selling point. Luo Cairen, chairman of MAGGIS tire, introduced in an exclusive interview that the new product Waltz m s-860, which was launched this summer, adopts a new low rolling resistance formula and a new environmental friendly oil, which greatly improves its energy and fuel saving performance. What attracts the most attention of insiders is that the inner rubber of this product adopts the latest technology crystallization DV a material in the industry, which not only improves the tire pressure retention rate, but also reduces the tire weight and rolling resistance, so as to improve the tire service efficiency and life. As the first DV a product launched in China, its air leakage rate has dropped to 1.7%

it is understood that this DVA material technology can improve the fuel efficiency of vehicles by improving the maintenance of tire inflation pressure. Exxcore DVA material technology jointly developed by MAGGIS tire and lubricant giant ExxonMobil combines the flexibility and elasticity of rubber with the low permeability of plastic. Compared with halogenated butyl rubber lining, the new technology can make the air permeability excellent times and improve the durability of tires by 50%

previously, ExxonMobil and Yokohama tire company of Japan jointly developed a new product exxpron ylon DV a, and applied this new elastomer alloy material to tubeless tires. This product can be made into a film for the production of tire inner liner

in the past month, more than 140000 car owners participated in and accepted the free tire pressure test at the large-scale tire pressure test activities held by MAGGIS tire. The statistical results show that among the more than 142300 vehicles involved in the test, the number of vehicles with tire pressure lower than the standard value reached more than 122000, accounting for 85%. Zhangchuanshun, associate manager of the domestic headquarters of Zhengxin tire International Group, pointed out that besides the pressure, the air retention of tires is also very important, which also led the company to launch a new product with an air retention of 33% higher than that of ordinary tires. It can be seen that the current situation of domestic vehicles provides a good opportunity for the new "high air retention" new product of MAGGIS tire this summer - the new Waltz green series

in the next year, including Buick yinglang, new Excelle, Roewe 550 and other hot market models that have formed a supply relationship with MAGGIS, car owners can enjoy the free tire pressure testing service provided by MAGGIS in more than 700 service stores across the country. Gong Jianguo, sales manager of MAGGIS tire products, revealed that according to the current sales network expansion, the number of 700 service stores will increase to more than 1000 by the end of the year

Chongqing new factory has an annual tire production capacity of 12million

as a Chinese tire enterprise, Zhengxin rubber entered the top ten tire enterprises in the world for the first time last year. As the single brand with the best competitiveness in the world of Zhengxin group, MAGGIS is now listed on the market with the new tire series of "high air retention rate" and has begun to make efforts in the domestic market. Luo Cairen said that the company's sales target this year ranks among the top three in China and hopes to reach a sales amount of 3billion yuan. In addition to 1000 single brand service stores that were fully launched at the end of the year, 5000 franchise sales stores also support MAGGIS' current sales network

however, compared with multinational giants such as Michelin and Goodyear, which built factories in China early and expanded production capacity year by year, MAGGIS' pace of setting up factories in the mainland is not fast. The new factory set up in Chongqing has an annual output of 8million tires at present, and plans to reach 12million tires by the end of 2010. Luo Cairen revealed to MAGGIS that it would not consider acquiring local enterprises in China for the time being. After all, it would be much more manipulative to be fully controlled by its own side. According to the investment plan of Zhengxin group, the company is currently building a large test plant in Kunshan, which is expected to cover an area of more than 1 million square meters. After completion, it will play a more important role in the testing of new tires of this brand

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