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Andy "boy scout" flexographic printing machine

due to the fierce market competition, the printing industry needs more economical printing machines, faster return on investment and more flexible adaptability. Andy's engineers face these challenges and innovate Andy "boy scout" paper products printing and processing system

"boy scout" system has 1. Pay attention to the sequence of switching on and off; The following features:

1 Uncoiling device with tension floating roller - suitable for self-adhesive/paper with thickness of 0.2% ~ 1.0% (50 μ m ~ 250 μ m)

2. Solid 3/4 inch thick floor type double wall panel structure - before consulting, we'd better know more about manufacturers with similar quality for comparison. It has super long durability and is more durable than cantilever or light structure design

3. The maximum printing width is 10 inches, and the combination of printing machines can reach up to 8 colors

4. It is fast, trouble free and easy to disassemble the ink bucket, which is convenient for rapid setting and replacement of printed parts

5. Vertical and horizontal registration control allows rapid setting, accurate and stable registration

6. The design of the control panel ensures efficient operation and the best operational safety

7. Double waste reeling device with standard configuration

8. Find out the 12 end factors with increased iron content, and the die cutting/cross cutting unit with three stations, including two 1.5-inch-wide installation slots, which are convenient for lower die cutting

9. Standard 26 inch diameter rewinding - provides the longest printing time and maximum rewinding capacity

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