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Made in Vietnam is emerging, and a new "world factory" is born

according to the latest report of Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), an American professional services and investment management company, Vietnam has developed rapidly from an agricultural economy to an industrial production center in Southeast Asia in the past 20 years

Philippine media inquirer quoted Stephen Wyatt, the regional head of Jones Lang LaSalle, as saying that Vietnam is becoming an industrial power in Southeast Asia. It is expected that the industrial market will enter a new stage after more than 10 years of practical engineering testing, and move up the value chain in the future

inquirer also quoted Jones Lang LaSalle's report that in 1986, Vietnam allocated 335 hectares of land for industrial parks, and now the figure is 80000 hectares

the report also emphasizes that the strong growth of industrial land comes from Vietnam's recognition as an export-oriented economy, the development of economic and industrial parks, many free trade agreements, strong economic growth and young status, and strong and low-cost labor

also according to the inquirer, under the background that more Chinese enterprises are seeking new production areas abroad, Vietnam has become an ideal choice due to its close geographical location

many experts estimate that due to the rapid growth of the middle-income population and the strong growth of e-commerce, logistics will become one of the major industries of Vietnam's economy in the next five to ten years

the inquirer also wrote that Vietnam Zhengji 2.3 has good chemical stability to heat, oxidation, hydrolysis and so on, and focuses on developing infrastructure. The investment accounts for 5.8% of GDP, making it the country with the highest proportion of investment in the region

the newspaper also said that the continued strong investment in infrastructure, especially highways and deep-sea ports, is Vietnam's entry into research and development aimed at the needs of enterprises; 3. One of the important conditions for building graphene maker space in the next industrial/logistics stage and being more competitive than its neighbors

made in Vietnam is becoming a new global buzzword. In fact, Vietnam is rapidly positioning itself as an important manufacturing center. One tenth of the intelligence in the world is made in Vietnam. The clothes you wear can be made in Vietnam

in 2017, Samsung products alone accounted for a quarter of the country's US $227billion exports, including steel and furniture

but Vietnamese also add value in amazing ways, especially in Danang. As the third largest city in Vietnam, with a population of just over 1million, Danang is ready to accept more enterprise and technology centric initiatives, such as Hoi s, to promote the development of technology and innovation in the country

FPT Corporation, the country's largest information technology company, plans to transform coastal metropolises into smart cities by 2020, with an investment of US $658000 for pilot projects, such as real-time management of traffic signals and the installation of two electronic patient recording systems at each pier of the hospital

innovation has even penetrated into urban management. As part of the drive to become a green city by 2025, Danang has eliminated 12000 tons of carbon emissions by introducing hybrid cars and solar water heaters

although many economies in the Asia Pacific region are slowing - especially in the US China trade war, Vietnam's GDP increased by 7.38% in the first quarter of 2018

although US President Donald Trump is hostile to Global trade, earlier this year, more than 60 US companies, from Microsoft to IBM, gathered in Danang to look for opportunities in the central special economic zone composed of seven provinces

however, only 9% of the workforce has university level qualifications, and Vietnam may face obstacles to expanding its industrial capacity beyond manufacturing

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