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Southeast automobile supply chain magic weapon

the fundamental idea of southeast automobile supply chain operation is to closely link the interests of the company itself with the interests of partners

at 7:55 a.m. every day, the long small trailer of Lianhong transportation equipment company should start from the factory on time with car seats. It should send the seats to the assembly line of southeast automotive industry company on time at 8:00 a.m. As a parts supplier of Southeast (Fujian) automobile industry company (hereinafter referred to as Southeast automobile), Lianhong transportation equipment company is located in Qingkou Investment Zone, Minhou County, Fuzhou City, only 1 km away from the southeast automobile factory, and the transportation is very convenient. However, on average, small trailers are delivered 8 times a day, about once an hour. Delivery must be on time. It can't be early or late. It can't become a "Carnival" night for the domestic plastic industry to show the cutting-edge technology and industrial development direction, because manufacturers have been lined up to send accessories at all times; Otherwise, the accessory manufacturer will be fined

southeast automobile is established by the Chinese enterprise company affiliated to Yulong enterprise group, the largest automobile enterprise in Taiwan Province, and the Fuzhou automobile factory affiliated to Fujian automobile industry group. At present, the annual production and sales of automobiles are more than 60000, and more than 30 supporting factories are distributed around the main factory, forming a southeast Automobile City covering an area of 2million square meters. At present, the inventory of more than 30 supporting factories is generally between 4 ~ 8 hours, and the delivery time of each time to Southeast automobile is between 5 ~ 20 minutes. How can the supporting factories send the correct number of correct accessories to the correct location of southeast automobile production line at the right time

Kanban management

from the air, Southeast Auto City is like a huge aircraft carrier, and Southeast auto is just on the deck, with more than 30 supporting factories scattered around. The tacit cooperation between enterprises has formed the extraordinary combat effectiveness of the aircraft carrier

in order to reduce inventory, Southeast automobile has implemented "Kanban" management for a long time. Southeast automobile will place planned orders to the supporting factory every ten days, but these orders are not the basis for the supplier to deliver the notice, but for the manufacturer to prepare production materials. The actual basis for the supporting factory to deliver goods to the assembly line is a "Kanban" given to it by southeast automobile. "Kanban" comes from Kanban in Japanese. It is a sign used to indicate the product name, quantity, previous process and next process of each batch of parts in the production line. It is an information carrier for real-time control of production demand information. Southeast automobile collects the "Kanban" on the assembly line every hour. After it is collected, the information on the "Kanban" is collected by barcode scanning, and then transmitted to the supporting factory through the information system and network. At the same time, when delivering goods, the supporting factory asks the truck driver to take the "Kanban" back, and then the supporting factory produces and delivers goods according to the "Kanban". In this way, the supporting factory will hand over as many materials as the production line uses

in 1996, the southeast automobile factory was built, and the parts and accessories manufacturers also moved in one after another. In the process of building a "new home", the decision-makers of southeast automotive predicted that the competition in the automotive industry in the future would no longer be limited to the competition between vehicle manufacturers, but between the whole supply chain and the supply chain. In March, 2002, several supporting factories such as Quanxing and Taiquan planned to implement ERP, and Southeast automobile timely recruited, guided the supporting factories to adopt a unified ERP system, and launched the "southeast automobile network manufacturing and supply chain cooperation project". At that time, Southeast automobile had finished implementing ERP and was planning to promote supply chain management and B2B e-commerce. Liu Jiancheng, manager of southeast automobile production management department, and Huang Zhenchang, manager of information center in the central laboratory, said that taking advantage of the clustering advantage of the supporting system of southeast Automobile City, we should promote the construction of supply chain management system and encourage supporting plants to choose to use the same ERP system, which can avoid developing too many interfaces for information sharing in the future

from August 2002 to December 2003, more than 30 supporting factories such as Quanxing, Taiquan and Lianhong successively implemented Yifei ERP system; Subsequently, Southeast automobile established a perfect supply chain management system. By the end of 2004, all supporting factories in Southeast Auto City have implemented the supply chain management system, including supporting factories, logistics centers, etc. in 2006, the supply chain management system of supporting factories in other cities will be implemented. Huang Zhenchang said that since all supporting plants use the same ERP, information resources can be fully shared, which has laid the foundation for the establishment of the regional network and information exchange platform of the southeast automobile city

now, according to the "Kanban" information, the ERP system of southeast auto automatically uploads the information of the supply chain management system, and automatically sends it to Lianhong, Quanxing and other supporting plants through the 100m optical fiber inside southeast Auto City. At almost the same time, the staff of the supporting factory logged in to the southeast automobile supply chain station and downloaded the latest demand plan of southeast automobile, including the production sequence, supply time, supply quantity and parts model. Taking Lianhong company, which produces car seats, as an example, the demand plan downloaded by Lianhong staff is automatically imported into the ERP system of Lianhong company. After automatic docking with the inventory of Lianhong, the supply plan of Lianhong to Southeast automobile and the material demand plan of Lianhong to its own suppliers are formed, and sent to Southeast automobile and Lianhong's suppliers synchronously. From Lianhong receiving the demand plan of southeast automobile to Lianhong's supplier receiving the material demand plan of Lianhong, the whole process is almost synchronous. After receiving the supply reply from Lianhong company, Southeast automobile can immediately prepare for receiving the goods, including filling in the documents, arranging the receiving personnel, etc. The production line of Lianhong company fine tuned the production sequence according to the latest demand plan of southeast automobile, including adjusting the product model and production quantity. In this way, most of the seats produced by Lianhong are almost offline, and they are loaded with small trailers and sent to the whole vehicle assembly line of southeast automobile

at present, the supporting plant of southeast Auto City and Southeast auto form a large operation platform through the 100m optical fiber metropolitan area, and there are tens of thousands of deliveries on the operation platform every day; While the supporting factories in other cities remotely access the supply chain platform through the Internet. Huang Zhenchang said that the information system and network gave the southeast auto parts factory "a pair of insight" to let them know what model southeast auto is preparing to produce, how to arrange the production sequence, when to need how many materials, and then the parts factory will arrange production and procurement according to the existing inventory, and deliver them to the southeast auto assembly line in time in this order

two hour inventory

Lianhong has a long-term cooperative relationship with Southeast automobile. Coupled with convenient geographical location, the inventory time is extremely short, only 4 hours. After the implementation of supply chain management, Lianhong's inventory has been reduced to 2 hours. How is Lianhong's two-hour inventory realized

the first is efficient information transmission. In the past, Lianhong mainly received the "Kanban" information of southeast automobile through fax and e-mail, and then manually entered it into Lianhong's ERP system to form production plans and material demand plans; After the purchase plan is formed through manual approval, fax or email it to the supplier. In the process of information transmission, various errors are inevitable due to the negligence of staff, which not only causes management confusion, but also affects the sensitivity of market response. In October, 2004, after Lianhong implemented the supply chain management system, the "Kanban" information of southeast automobile was automatically imported into Lianhong's ERP system. The system automatically generates the supply sequence information of Lianhong to Southeast automobile and the supplier to Lianhong. The manager of the information center of Lianhong company said that in the past, the purchasing information of Lianhong was manually approved and then faxed to the supplier; Now it is automatically generated by the system, and then uploaded to the supply chain management system. Suppliers regularly log in to the supply chain station to download and print Lianhong's purchase plan

the second is the consistent production sequence. At present, automobile assembly is small batch and multi variety. Often this one is equipped with "delika", and the latter one may be "fulika" or "Lingli"; Each model has 30 or 40 parts series, such as more than ten kinds of seats and more than ten kinds of lamps. In the past, the supporting factory could not accurately grasp the production of the assembly plant. This paper briefly introduces the production plan of the test function of the spring fatigue testing machine, and had to produce automobile lightweight materials according to this batch number: high-strength steel plate, high-strength cold-rolled steel plate, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, carbon fiber reinforced plastic, thermoplastic resin, thermosetting resin, polycarbonate resin, rubber/thermoplastic elastomer, carbon nanofibers, ceramics There are 60 sets of light glass, high molecular materials, composite materials, modified plastics and general-purpose products, and 40 sets will be produced in the next batch, which inevitably leads to overstock in inventory. Liu Jiancheng, manager of the production management department of southeast automobile, said that now Southeast automobile provides the production sequence to the supporting factory three hours in advance. The supporting factory produces parts according to the production sequence of southeast automobile, because the production sequence of both sides is consistent. After the parts are offline from the production line of the supporting factory, they are directly sent to the assembly line of southeast automobile. Liu Jiancheng said that in the future, the focus of southeast automotive supply chain construction is to promote the suppliers of supporting plants to implement the supply chain management system, that is, to realize the supply chain management of 2nd tier ap2ap (application to application) in the Auto City, and finally realize the overall "zero inventory" of southeast automotive supply chain

again, the delivery time is further shortened. In the past, small trailers delivered by supporting factories had to stay in Southeast automobile for about 40 minutes, including checking the model of accessories, counting the number of accessories, handling relevant procedures and waiting in line. Now, small trailers can stay in Southeast automobile for up to 20 minutes or less. Liu Jiancheng said that now the small trailer has not arrived at the factory, and the logistics personnel have already known what accessories to send, what model and quantity are respectively, so as to use the lead time to handle relevant procedures; After the small trailer arrives at the factory, it directly sends the accessories to the assembly line. There is no need to send them to the warehouse of southeast automobile first, and then move them from the warehouse shelf to the assembly line. In the past, the inventory of cars in Southeast China was generally about four days, but now it is generally controlled within one day to one and a half days, because a large amount of inventory is required for some core components and accessories provided by supporting factories in other cities; The inventory of most supporting factories in the southeast Auto City has been reduced to 2-4 hours

three magic weapons for success

in recent years, the production and sales volume of southeast automobile has increased rapidly, the inventory has not increased, but has decreased continuously, and the inventory has been reduced synchronously with that of supporting factories (except for a few supporting factories in other provinces and cities). What is the secret of southeast automobile's remarkable performance

first of all, the focus of southeast automotive supply chain management is how to respond quickly to demand changes, rather than blindly emphasizing supply speed and cost. Information communication enables the supply chain to discover the demand fluctuation of southeast automobile in time, remind the supporting factories to adjust their production plans in time, and remind the suppliers of the supporting factories to adjust their supply plans at the same time. The delivery plan arranged by southeast automobile for each supporting factory is compact and orderly, and the error of delivery time is controlled within 10 minutes, otherwise it will face a fine

secondly, the supply chain keeps up with the changing needs of the enterprise strategy. At the end of the 1990s, the forward-looking planning of southeast auto introduced 35 professional auto parts factories in Taiwan, closely surrounding the main engine factory, forming

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