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MAGGIS professional tire man sits in the live broadcast room. Who says only the anchor can bring goods

MAGGIS professional tire man sits in the live broadcast room. Who says that only the anchor can bring goods

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the special situation in the first half of 2020 has made live broadcasting with goods a popular trend, and all walks of life have turned their attention to large and small live broadcasting rooms, which also provides new marketing ideas for the traditional tire industry. On June 17, MAGGIS first tested the water for stores across the country, and the first tire live broadcast came into being

Mr. Jiang Zhiwei, marketing director of MAGGIS, said in the opening speech of the live broadcast that the live broadcast of goods is a bold attempt for tire enterprises. Using online platforms and online marketing means to integrate offline policy channels may become a new trend

the first live broadcast was a hot start

at 19:00 on June 17, the first live broadcast of MAGGIS began on time. This live broadcast, themed "MAGGIS 617, preferential purchase in advance", centered on the main product vs5, was explained by MAGGIS professional R & D personnel. At the same time, it also brought unprecedented device sales activities such as profit making and vacuum exhaust to all stores. It is understood that the live broadcast of MAGGIS attracted nearly 10000 people to watch in just one hour, and many specifications of time limited promotion were sold out as soon as they were put on the shelves, which also made a good start for other tire enterprises to try new sales models

The problem of being controlled by others is still prominent

big shots are full of dry goods

MAGGIS also invited a number of internal big shots to this live broadcast. Fang Xiaoyun, senior R & D Manager, brought the latest and most comprehensive product introduction. Having been engaged in strategic industry research for more than 20 years, he has led the team for strategic industry research for many years. He is the core figure to keep MAGGIS' R & D technology leading. His leading products have accumulated excellent reputation in domestic and overseas markets

during the live broadcast, MAGGIS also sorted out vs5 models of different specifications for store owners to help stores better and more comprehensively understand vs5 product performance positioning and sales prospects

China tire business analysts believe that the market trend is changing with each passing day. Today, there is a live broadcast with goods and a stall economy, and tomorrow there may be a new sales model. Complacency or blindly following may make them lose competitiveness. Tire people can only break through the bottleneck and innovate to become the driving force for the development of emerging industries and go against the trend by following the trend of the times and finding a suitable business mode in radicalization

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