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Improve the domestic PV industry's excessive reliance on the international market

PV is a solar power generation system, which is mainly used in battery, building and other applications, the most important of which is applied in glass, which is the gateway of doors and windows. Photovoltaic is a kind of solar power generation system, which is mainly used in battery, architecture and other applications, the most important of which is applied in glass, which is the door of doors and windows

recently, a devastating blow has taken place in the overseas market of China's photovoltaic industry. First, the United States initiated an anti-dumping investigation, and then the European Union launched an anti-dumping investigation. India has been saying that it will also conduct an anti-dumping investigation on China's photovoltaic industry. Just a few days ago, they also established an anti-dumping investigation. The three major overseas markets of Europe, America and India have all conducted investigations, Once the anti-dumping is successful, China's photovoltaic enterprises will face the crisis of enterprise bankruptcy. At that time, China's economy will lose countless amounts of money. What is the reason for them to carry out anti-dumping on China's products

the author believes that China is the country with the largest polysilicon output in the world, accounting for about half of the world output. In view of so much output, many people think that it is normal for us to export abroad, but do you know? The current situation in China is overcapacity. Enterprises blindly follow up the international market dynamics of the photovoltaic industry, resulting in too serious losses for a large number of enterprises, which are in the state of shutdown and semi shutdown

as China has not mastered the photovoltaic technology, it can only rely on the needs of foreign markets to conduct intracranial buried electrodes to further analyze the export of cortical EEG. If it continues, it will lead to a shortage of resources in China in a few years. With the faster and faster economic development of China, the resources are becoming less and less. As a populous country, resources will be more important than everything else. Now China's photovoltaic technology is only in the downstream of the world, Only by strengthening our own technology can we change the current situation of over reliance on exports. It is clear that the policy constraints of the photovoltaic industry are obvious. China can not effectively use the photovoltaic with the most obvious SEM effect for power generation. At present, there is a shortage of independent R & D technology awareness in China, which is the fundamental reason for the current situation of China's photovoltaic industry. In the long run, In the domestic market, qb/t 2710 ⑵ 005 leather physical and mechanical experiments, the lack of flexural strength and elongation will limit the development of China's photovoltaic industry

in order to realize large-scale production and improve the competitiveness of the photovoltaic industry, it is necessary to establish and stimulate the domestic consumer market. In view of this situation, China's photovoltaic industry is in great need of the support of national policies. The country should improve photovoltaic policies, learn from the experience of photovoltaic building products in developed countries, and then try to apply them to domestic buildings, vigorously support domestic upstream raw material enterprises and reduce photovoltaic costs. The government and enterprises go hand in hand to jointly develop the domestic market

the domestic photovoltaic industry is ready to invest in technology research and development, but there must be stable policies to ensure that these investments can obtain corresponding returns. Among all kinds of renewable energy, wind energy is unstable, biomass energy resources are limited, uranium ore required for nuclear energy may be used up in the future, and solar energy is inexhaustible. If we wait until the price of solar energy is about the same as that of fossil energy, we will miss the opportunity

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