The most popular way to install sensors on asphalt

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Install sensors on asphalt roads roads have "high IQ"

roads can not only increase life, but also have high IQ. IOT technology has become more and more mature. Jiangsu Academy of Communications Co., Ltd. (sujiaoke) is experimenting with setting pressure sensors and ASG strain sensors in flexible asphalt. Through the sensing equipment, the highway has "high intelligence". These sensors are connected with the pavement equipment and can timely reflect the pavement conditions. If the pavement is damaged, the data center can quickly and accurately determine what is wrong. If there is any emergency on the road, such as fog, traffic accident, etc., the intelligent road will immediately notify the driver through the electronic display on the road and guide the vehicle to avoid

sujiaotong branch has completed more than 50 scientific research projects in the field of asphalt pavement technology, formed a number of core technologies represented by asphalt pavement recycling technology, environmental protection concept asphalt pavement technology, Superpave Asphalt Technology, SMA technology, road reconstruction and expansion technology, and established up to 17 pavement system solutions in three major fields, namely, highway new construction engineering, highway reconstruction engineering and municipal engineering, It has provided technical services and consulting work for more than 10000 kilometers of high-grade highways in 17 provinces, solved a large number of practical engineering problems for the owners, and promoted the development of asphalt pavement technology in China

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