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Bring you knowledge! It turns out that there are these differences between different materials of hardware pendants

many friends worry about the material selection of hardware pendants when they purchase and install the sample on the fixture of the experimental machine. At present, there are various product materials in the market, most of which are chrome plated copper, aluminum magnesium alloy and other materials. The price of carbon fiber products is higher, and it is difficult for consumers to judge the quality and difference of various materials. So when choosing, how should we choose

in fact, the simpler and rougher way is to look with your eyes. Bathroom hardware is generally divided into three parts: base (fastener), connector and functional part. One side of the base is close to the wall or plate surface, which is generally not surface treated. You can basically know what material is used by looking at its color

basically, the connectors have been surface treated. Next, let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of products of different materials and how to judge their quality. In fact, most of the functional parts are made of tubular and rod-shaped raw materials. If a tubular object is used, its inner wall can generally be seen. Due to the different specific gravity of raw materials, the weight of objects with roughly the same volume is different (except for lightweight materials)

at present, the sanitary hardware pendant on the market mainly has the following materials:

I. stainless steel

(there are few such products on the market now)

advantages: not afraid of wear and rust

disadvantages: single style and average workmanship

II. Copper chrome plating (this kind of product is basically the main product in the market now. The rod is divided into hollow and solid, and electroplating is divided into bright and frosted)

1. Hollow copper chrome plating (mostly round rods, and generally thick square rods)

advantages: many styles and moderate prices

disadvantages: it is afraid of wear. The best electroplating will fall off in humid environment all year round. In order to lower the price, some small manufacturers have very thin electroplated coatings, but as long as the machinery is thin, the electroplating will fall off in a short time. It is easy to deform. Generally, there is no experimental machine produced by regular manufacturers. The design of the host and auxiliary equipment has taken into account the advanced technology of Shimadzu, Japan. However, the tubes used by some manufacturers are relatively thick at first sight, but the tube wall is very thin, which will break when used (it is recommended to press hard when buying, and those that are easy to bend should not be purchased)

2. All copper solid chromium plating (generally square tubes, some specially twisted flowers at both ends of the rod in order to prove that they are solid):

advantages: fine workmanship, thick electroplated layer, strong and durable

disadvantages: the price is high, and the style is not as good as the hollow one

III. aluminum alloy (or aluminum magnesium alloy)

advantages: not afraid of wear, lightweight and durable

disadvantages: it may turn dark after a long time

summary: in fact, different people have different opinions on the choice of materials. As for what kind of materials to choose, it may have to be based on the needs of the family. Pay more attention to whether they are thick, stable and durable

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