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Improve the post printing process and comprehensively improve the paper packaging

with the improvement of living standards and the continuous updating of aesthetic concepts, people have higher and higher requirements for the printing packaging. These external packages are not only required to be high-grade and exquisite, but also required to have an environmentally friendly and personalized appearance. The main way to meet these needs is to carry out post-processing on the packaging printed matter. Post press processing not only improves the added value of packaging printing, meets the requirements of different consumers, but also ensures the quality of printing

China is a large country with a large population and consumption. A variety of packaging products can be seen everywhere in life. Packaging can be seen in many fields, such as food, medicine, home appliances, toys, it products, textiles, ceramics, handicrafts, advertising and so on. How to continuously improve the level of packaging post press processing technology and enhance the added value of products is a problem that the packaging industry needs to face and solve in the future

among all the packaging forms, paper packaging is the most widely used. This is because paper packaging has many advantages: low material cost, convenient processing and printing; The transportation and storage cost is low, which can be recycled and is conducive to environmental protection. Therefore, among the four pillar packaging materials of paper, plastic, metal and glass, the growth of paper packaging is the fastest. Among all the post press processing technologies, glazing, die cutting, bronzing and film covering are the most widely used and fastest growing. So, what is the current situation and development prospect of paper packaging post press processing in China? This paper takes the paper packaging post press processing and the four post press processing technologies as the analysis object to carry out a deeper discussion

development status of paper packaging post press processing technology

there is still a certain gap between China's post press processing technology and foreign countries. For example, there are more medium and low-grade products and less high-grade products in packaging products; In addition, the basic raw materials, mechanical equipment and technology are relatively backward, and the overall management level of the industry is not high, resulting in the relatively slow development of the whole paper post printing processing industry

environmental protection glazing, price is the key

glazing is to change the physical characteristics of paper surface gloss through the flow cloth and calendering of glazing paint on the surface of printed matter. When glazing, the coating thin layer coated on the paper has high transparency and smoothness; The polished paper packaging printed matter not only increases its surface smoothness, but also protects the printed text on the packaging, beautifying, protecting and prolonging the service life of the paper packaging printed matter; It also creates good conditions for the off-line processing process (such as die-cutting or box pasting) of mini, which has more than 3million vehicles, so the glazing process is widely used in the post printing processing of paper packaging

the polishing process is simple, low-cost, easy to operate, and can be used for full plate or partial polishing according to actual needs, so it is very popular in printing enterprises. The original glazing oil was solvent based, which had poor glazing effect and was not conducive to environmental protection. But the research and development of water-based glazing and UV glazing solve this problem. From the current market situation, the trend that water-based glazing and UV glazing will eventually replace solvent glazing is irreversible. Nevertheless, there is still a certain gap between China and Western countries in the environmental protection atmosphere actively advocated. Taking the United States as an example, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has put forward restrictions on the content of organic volatiles in ink and coating products, which will become more and more stringent over time. At present, in the United States, the market share of solvent based glazing has dropped from 80% to less than 15%

at present, some enterprises in China have adopted water-based glazing and UV glazing. However, due to the relatively high price of these two types of glazing oils, many units will only apply water-based glazing and UV glazing technologies on the packaging of some high-end products in consideration of the cost, while solvent based glazing will still be adopted on the packaging of most medium and low-end products

speed, the main breakthrough of die cutting

die cutting and indentation are carried out on various trademarks, cartons and other packaging and printing materials according to the graphic shape and design requirements, so that the edges of packaging and printing materials show various shapes. After die-cutting, the packaging printed matter can be produced into various shapes of outer packaging, which not only beautifies the product, but also improves the appreciation of the outer packaging and the added value of the product

post press processing is the weakest link in China's printing industry at present. Whether in terms of technology, equipment, materials or management, there is a big gap between domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises. Die cutting processing technology is undoubtedly the key to breakthrough in the field of packaging post printing. In foreign countries, packaging and printing enterprises have widely used laser cutting system for die-cutting processing. The cutting system has the advantages of high speed, high precision, good repeatability and so on. Now many domestic enterprises are aware of this. Some powerful enterprises have begun to adopt laser cutting systems. According to incomplete statistics, there are dozens of laser die-cutting plate making factories in China. At present, domestic die-cutting machine products are mainly concentrated in the medium and low level, and most of the high-end die-cutting machines used by domestic enterprises are still imported products. At present, the maximum accuracy of domestic equipment is ± 0.15mm, while that of foreign products has reached ± 0.1mm. The highest speed of die-cutting machines of international well-known manufacturers Bobst, Germany Wuba and other companies can reach 12000 pieces per hour, while the highest speed of domestic products is only 8000 pieces per hour. The backwardness of equipment has strictly restricted the development of domestic die-cutting technology. Therefore, the development of high-speed die-cutting machine is the main breakthrough in the innovation of domestic post press processing equipment

improve performance, the primary task of bronzing

bronzing is to use the template installed on the hot stamping machine to press the printed matter and hot stamping foil in a short time with the help of a certain pressure and temperature, and transfer the metal foil or pigment to the surface of the hot stamping printed matter according to the pictures and texts of the hot stamping template. Its purpose is to increase the gloss and decorative effect of printed matter, and improve the commodity value and grade of printed matter. It is widely used in the post press processing of high-end products such as trademarks, high-end packaging, hardcover book covers, greeting cards, calendars, etc

the quality of the bronzing process mainly depends on the quality of the bronzing equipment and the bronzing template. The speed of the bronzing machine of stora company in Germany can reach 12000 pieces/hour, and the quality of the bronzing template is very high. The bronzing packaging products produced are of high quality and very high grade. At the same time, the equipment is also very expensive. Compared with the imported stamping equipment, the domestic stamping equipment has obvious advantages in performance and price. The price of the domestic machine is only 1/5 ~ 1/4 of the price of similar foreign products. However, the overprint accuracy, stability and function of the imported machine are significantly better than those of the domestic machine. It is also more durable than the domestic machine and is more suitable for the processing of fixed batch high-end packaging products

film covering process is still widely used.

the processing technology of coating adhesive on the surface of corona treated transparent plastic film and hot pressing with printed matter to form paper plastic composite printed matter is called film covering. Like the glazing process, it is to increase the surface gloss and protect and beautify the packaging. It is widely used in the surface finishing of book covers, high-end packaging, etc

as plastic film is mainly used in film covering, it brings great harm to environmental protection. Although the plastic film has high transparency, good gloss and low price, it can not be degraded, difficult to recycle, easy to cause white pollution, and long-term use will endanger the health of workers. In addition, solvent based adhesives also contain toxins, which are easy to cause harm to human body. Now in Europe and the United States, the film covering process has been included in the category of elimination process, and the glazing process has been vigorously developed. Although the probability of electromechanical appearance of film coating is not very high, the process was applied earlier in China, and the outer packaging after film coating is beautiful and durable. Therefore, it still has a large market share in China and is still widely used

advantages of paper packaging post press processing technology

when consumers buy products, they first touch the outer packaging of the products. Therefore, the outer packaging with exquisite appearance and excellent workmanship is easy to attract people's attention and increase their desire to buy. At the same time, the outer packaging is required to protect the product. Therefore, in the process of paper packaging post press processing, a large number of post press processing technologies such as glazing, die cutting, bronzing and film covering have become the preferred means of many packaging enterprises. The use of many post press processing technologies in paper packaging post press processing mainly has the following advantages:

* protect the product outer packaging and prolong the service life of the outer packaging

* display products to arouse consumers' desire to buy and promote sales

* improve the aesthetic feeling of the product, give people visual and spiritual enjoyment, and enhance the added value of the product

development direction of paper packaging post press processing technology

from the development level of the whole packaging industry, there are still obvious gaps and deficiencies in the paper packaging industry, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects: first, the overall modern management level is not high, and the economic benefits are not ideal; Second, the product grade needs to be improved. Medium and low-grade products can still meet the needs of various industries, but the product renewal speed is slow, and there is still a shortage of high-grade and high-performance packaging products; Third, the basic raw materials and mechanical equipment are backward; Fourth, the pace of technological progress is slow

with the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the disadvantages of traditional paper packaging post printing processing technologies such as glazing materials, bronzing, die cutting and film covering have gradually been paid attention to. Although the cost of traditional processing methods is low, compared with the serious problem of environmental protection, green packaging is now more advocated. There is a 3r1d principle for green packaging, that is, product packaging is reduced, easy to reuse, easy to recycle, and degradable. In addition, the outer packaging materials of the products should be non-toxic and harmless to human body and organisms, and the packaging products will not cause harm to human body and the environment in the whole process of raw material collection, material processing, product manufacturing, product use, waste recycling and regeneration until their final treatment. These not only meet the requirements of environmental protection, but also adapt to the current trend of resource shortage and sustainable development in the world, It also meets the development requirements of a conservation oriented society

it is true that under the premise that China's economy is not very developed, we should, according to China's national conditions, vigorously promote green and environmentally friendly packaging, and at the same time, formulate relevant measures suitable for the development of China's enterprises. We can achieve good results through a two pronged approach. The implementation of one size fits all is not in line with China's reality. In the coming period, China's paper packaging industry should make efforts in the following directions:

* large enterprises with abundant funds should actively respond to the slogan of green environmental protection and green earth, and use environmental friendly raw materials for packaging and post press processing to continuously improve their influence; On the premise of ensuring the economic benefits of enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises can carry out an appropriate amount of green packaging post press processing

* the packaging industry should increase technology research and development, develop various post press processing equipment suitable for China's national conditions according to the specific needs of enterprises, and reduce the investment in introducing foreign equipment

* optimize the modern enterprise management, continuously improve the modern management level of the enterprise, and promote the benign development of the whole packaging industry

it is believed that after years of efforts in material performance, China's paper packaging industry will inevitably present a new atmosphere

reprinted from: international printing, China and India Author: Liuxin, guoqianqian, School of printing and packaging engineering, Xi'an University of Technology

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