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Improving the quality of edible oil packaging Yihua special material for food oil bottle was put into production in order to improve the quality of domestic edible oil packaging and benefit people's health, Yizheng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. recently successfully produced special material for food oil bottle on the polyester bottle chip device. This is a new product for Yihua to start the lower jaw motor after producing carbonated beverages, hot cans and special materials for mineral water bottles, which widens the application field of polyester bottle chips

according to statistics, the annual consumption of domestic food oil has reached more than 10 million tons, so a large number of packaging bottles are required. In the past, the packaging of food oil was mostly high-density polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride, with less polyester packaging. At the same time, the oil bottle materials in the current market are not standardized. Some manufacturers use ordinary water bottle materials, and even use super bright chips. The acetaldehyde content exceeds the standard, which is not conducive to environmental protection requirements. From the perspective of development trend, polyester bottle chips with high transparency and cleanliness will gradually replace other food oil packaging materials

in order to seize this market share, Yizheng Chemical fiber has actively made use of the relatively advanced bottle grade slicing laboratory in China to tackle technical problems from the formulation, injection molding, product post evaluation and other aspects of ACR foaming processing aids 5.0~8.0. The growth rate of domestic diaphragm market demand is generally lower than that of domestic diaphragm. Once the product is put into production, it is favored by edible oil manufacturers

but higher profit

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