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Know how to improve the efficiency of drug packaging production line and realize the obvious advantage of replacing wood with plastic

do you want to get benefits from on-time production? Want to solve the preventable problems in the production line? Some of the know-how introduced here can help you solve most problems through detection system, buffer system, human environment transformation system and mechanical remote control system

trick 1: detection system

the detection system can ensure the safety and accuracy of drugs produced on the disinfection and packaging line. The detection system can check whether the bottle cap is tight, whether the packaging foil is in place and whether the label is in place, so as to ensure the accuracy of the drug batch number, effective date and the drug itself. If any of the above processes is omitted or wrong, the packaging production line will be shut down automatically and the production efficiency will be reduced

ensure the accuracy of commissioning and setting during product transformation. The detection system shall be correctly connected with the feedback system and the mechanical system to ensure its accurate positioning and send information to the specific position of the detection device. The correct way is to use screws to connect the feedback system with the digital reading device, the slide rail with the position display and the servo motor with the operation interface

trick 2: buffer system

when the operation of the production line is temporarily interrupted, the buffer system can help the equipment still run, even if the speed changes, the product line continues to run. Since the buffer is installed in the production line and covers a small area, if it needs to be shut down frequently, the high-energy ion beam 3D intelligent spray welding equipment and cermet products of Zhongwu Hongyu, a holding subsidiary, begin to implement and use the label changing drum or label belt in batches. The buffer system can also help to improve production efficiency. When purchasing a new machine, the equipment manufacturer can provide customers with the use theory of the packaging machine as a reference to ensure the bottom line of work efficiency in case of downtime. It should be noted that planned downtime and unscheduled downtime should be distinguished, so that the buffer can be used correctly to maintain the normal operation of production when the equipment is shut down

the dynamic speed control system allows the equipment to change the speed, so as to maintain the best buffer state before the equipment is used. The speed control system can help the production line maintain balance, so as to improve the whole production. 1. Automatic calibration: the system can automatically calibrate the indication accuracy; Line efficiency

trick 3: mechanical control system

the manipulator system installed with stainless steel guardrail helps to ensure the sanitary conditions in the process of drug packaging. After some minor adjustment, the ordinary 3T wire insulation tensile testing machine on the market usually adopts the conventional electronic universal testing machine for testing. In just a few minutes, the manipulator can adapt to the packaging production of new products. In addition, the advantage of using the manipulator is that it can minimize the damage to the packaging products due to its light clamping force; The manipulator can also make full use of the limited working space and save the channels and emergency channels required for manual operation

trick 4: shutdown monitoring system

generally, using monitoring software to analyze downtime can not only timely find out the details of equipment or operators, but also greatly improve production efficiency and quality, providing a good opportunity to further improve the overall process of mechanical operation

pharmaceutical manufacturers can use the monitoring software to determine the impact of equipment model, product type, handover time and operators on different packaging production lines, and then the monitoring results will indicate which systems need to be repaired or replaced. In short, all potential problems can be found. The factory can continuously improve through these results, promote the best practical experience, and determine the most suitable maintenance objectives to help improve production efficiency

trick 5: need an excellent process coordinator

an excellent process coordinator should know how to improve the production efficiency of the packaging production line and how to reduce the cycle time from production to market; Corresponding experience and suggestions shall also be provided to ensure correct installation and service; In the early stage of production, the company should also help the enterprise to determine the constituent factors of the production line, such as buffer, guide rail system, public facilities distribution, monitoring system during shutdown, etc., so as to maintain the overall synchronization of the equipment

the process coordinator must fully understand the company's intention so as to give timely and effective feedback on the requirements. At the same time, the process coordinator should also have a professional and solid knowledge background, professional knowledge of special applications, and the ability to correctly check the technical problems of the equipment and provide reasonable maintenance and troubleshooting suggestions

source: Yuhuan pharmaceutical packaging

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