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Improve the management art of CIO from six aspects an excellent CIO needs to master and apply the management theory and be flexible according to the actual situation in the management practice. Only those who have good management methods and skills can be regarded as qualified managers. The implementation of any IT project with a certain scale will involve multiple departments within the company and suppliers outside the company. At the same time, since most of the IT departments are special teams composed of senior technical personnel, the management of the IT department also requires certain skills

therefore, in the process of promoting the informatization construction of the whole enterprise, CIOs must improve their management art in management work, use their own experience and wisdom, creatively manage their own teams and informatization projects, and skillfully deal with all kinds of people. Management art needs long-term work and hard study. Through long-term practice and research, the author believes that CIOs can improve their management art from the following six aspects

I. be familiar with it technology and modern management theory

as it technology is changing with each passing day, CIOs must be familiar with the new IT technology that can be specially designed and mastered by the designers of Zhongchuang experimental machine manufacturers according to the situation. The management without mastering it related knowledge must be blind and random, just like water without a source and wood without soil, without a solid foundation. On the other hand, CIOs should be familiar with modern management theories and be able to flexibly apply these management theories and methods in combination with the particularity of it itself. A series of reports on CIO management methods and art written by the author introduces a lot of management methods related to information resources. These management methods are based on modern management theory and have made some improvements to traditional management methods, especially for the application of it information management

II. Maintain a good attitude and tenacious quality

cio should not only have the good qualities of integrity, integrity, openness, love and vitality possessed by general enterprise leaders, but also have the qualities of indomitable and indomitable. Large enterprise informatization projects generally involve many business departments, large enterprise investment costs, and long project implementation cycle to accurately achieve the required membrane pore size and separation selectivity. After the implementation, the benefits of informatization are imperceptible, and there are often no quantitative standards. In this case, CIO is often criticized and hit

in addition, during the daily maintenance and management of hardware and software systems, CIOs will also face complaints and incomprehension from all parties due to the large number of business departments and workload involved. At this time, if the CIO can not maintain a good attitude and has no perseverance, it will be difficult to withstand the pressure of all parties, so as to promote and deepen the information construction project

III. strive for the support of superiors and subordinates

how CIOs obtain the support of superiors and the cooperation of subordinates are very important in the management art of CIOs. Without the support and understanding of leaders and relevant business departments, it is difficult to carry out and apply informatization projects. CIOs should learn to communicate with them. On the one hand, they should learn to communicate with them in "management language", which requires CIOs to learn enterprise management and understand enterprise management; On the other hand, we should often use some "information language" to strengthen information communication, such as written information reporting and asking for instructions, information briefing exchange and notification, explanation and demonstration of information knowledge, acceptance and reporting of information achievements, training and examination of information cases, etc. In addition, after work, the units elected as vice chairmen are: Beijing Industrial and Commercial University, Beijing Beipeng shouhao Building Materials Group Co., Ltd., OwensCorning (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Fuda thermal insulation materials Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Shengfeng energy saving materials Co., Ltd., Dow Chemical (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Jinhu Petrochemical Shenyang Co., Ltd., Yantai Great Wall abrasive tools and Abrasives Co., Ltd It is also necessary to communicate with Tianjin Tiande rubber and Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., Shandong XURUI New Material Co., Ltd., Hebei Jintian plastic new material Co., Ltd., Guangdong Jinfa Technology Co., Ltd., Jinan Jinxiang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. and Zhengzhou Zhaoming Machinery Co., Ltd

cio's communication skills are improved through continuous accumulation. In this regard, it is necessary to constantly sum up experience and overcome psychological weaknesses in order to gradually achieve better communication results, so as to establish a good cooperation environment within the enterprise

IV. give full play to the potential of subordinates

how to develop the potential of subordinates, let subordinates play their maximum role, and reflect personal life value is also very important in CIO management. The technical personnel in the information management department are the most active group. CIOs must lead this team well to ensure the stability of personnel. In addition to necessary management and assessment, they should also care about the lives of their subordinates, and give them full opportunities to learn new things, so that they feel they can continuously improve in the Department

the key here is how the CIO can give full play to the role of the managed people in a timely and appropriate manner, and use different methods of encouragement and supervision for IT personnel at different stages. For example, generally, we can divide the growth cycle of employees in the enterprise into three stages: the intervention stage refers to the IT personnel who have just graduated from school and are unfamiliar with enterprise information systems, computer hardware and software systems. At this time, we can arrange them to maintain PCs and be familiar with the hardware and software systems of the enterprise; The growth stage refers to that technical personnel have practiced in the enterprise for a period of time, and they have a certain understanding of the enterprise's hardware and software systems. At this time, they can be arranged to engage in a special project of enterprise informatization, such as network maintenance or software development, according to their major and personal interests; The mature stage. At this stage, it technicians have worked in the enterprise for many years and have been fully familiar with the enterprise's IT systems. This period is the most easy time for them to change jobs. At this time, they should be allowed to slowly change from pure it technology work to full involvement in the enterprise's information management work. In a word, the technicians in the following departments must feel that there is always something new to learn, and that both individuals and enterprises are growing and making progress at the same time

v. strive for multiple resources

cio should learn to strive for multiple resources to support the informatization construction of the enterprise. For example, we can strive for the annual national and government support funds for the informatization construction of small and medium-sized enterprises; Experts from colleges and universities or other enterprises can be invited to the company to teach information-based knowledge to senior and middle-level managers of the enterprise, popularize computer knowledge through training, and enhance the awareness and concept of modern management. At the same time, through training, CIOs can also express their actual desire to solve some problems that can also be equipped with ordinary computers through the mouth of experts. In addition, it can participate in some academic conferences on behalf of the enterprise to expand the popularity of enterprise informatization, so as to get the attention and support of the society for the enterprise informatization

VI. strengthen consultation

by strengthening consultation, we can make up for the defects of CIO's own knowledge, reduce detours in enterprise information construction, and improve the success rate of enterprise information construction. General consultation can be conducted through the following aspects: project consultation, including consultation on the implementation plan, control and cost of informatization project; Product consultation, including computer hardware and software application system function consultation; Management consulting, including business analysis and diagnosis, management process design, management thought training, etc; Strategic consultation, including the analysis of the challenges faced by the enterprise, the analysis of the potential crisis of the enterprise, the strategic research of the enterprise development, etc. (end)

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