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With the development of the times, the number of high-rise buildings in the city is not very large, but after the decoration, it is difficult to move to the place with high floors after buying relatively large furniture. But now these often use the method of sofa furniture hoisting, so let's learn about the hoisting method of sofa furniture and the precautions for purchasing furniture

sofa furniture hoisting method

1. You can hire a crane to hoist the sofa, then tie the sofa with a rope and pull it into the room, and the crane will slowly hoist it. People in the room need to mediate the direction of the sofa, so that they can easily put the sofa into the room

2. The lifting method of manual lifting requires six people. The three ropes are divided into two groups on average, and they pull the rope together hard. Although there is a certain danger, it also needs a direction to control them to pull the rope

3. There is also a pulley sling method. This kind of pulley is usually installed when the floor is relatively high. It also requires someone to control the direction of the sofa. When the sofa is close to the window, people in the room can use wires to pull the sofa into the room

precautions for purchasing furniture

1. When choosing furniture, people generally don't want furniture that basically allows you to smell a pungent smell. This kind of furniture is particularly environmentally friendly and does great harm to the body. If you buy this kind of furniture because of restrictions, you'd better dry it for a period of time. There are also materials like furniture that are cheap and easy to bargain. Consumers should be careful about these seemingly cheap materials

2. When buying furniture, you should also pay attention to the furniture made of artificial boards, which will reduce many processes. In order to save materials, many manufacturers never do edge banding, but only do partial edge banding, which is easy to release harmful substances. It is best not to buy such furniture

summary: after reading the above sofa furniture hoisting methods and precautions for purchasing furniture, have you learned how to choose furniture? The above precautions must be kept in mind when buying furniture




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