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Home pleasing to yourself, simple design, fashionable and exquisite, can not be separated from the bold use of fashion colors, so that your home life can perfectly interpret comfortable enjoyment and noble sensory taste

home pleasing to yourself, simple design, fashionable and exquisite, can not be separated from the bold use of fashion colors, so that your home life can perfectly interpret comfortable enjoyment and noble sensory taste. Hesheng Yaju whole house customization brings classical aesthetics and modern style to our life, and allows you to experience the gorgeous creativity of top home brand designers, and find the beauty of customized quality in details. When fashion and quality perfectly match, when the color of nature is integrated into home design, the sharing of design by different paths makes everything different. Classic and full of beauty, Milan style series presents praise for artistic creativity. European fashion design inspiration comes from Milan, the fashion capital of the Renaissance. It perfectly combines different Chinese and foreign elements to show you the artistic taste of home life

Milan has diversified colors and feels the dignity of Chinese designers. Lust has always been a hobby in Milan's fashion capital. In 2016, Hesheng Yaju's creative little fresh Milan style was customized for the whole house, adding a little gray to the colors of previous years, and then boldly blending them into close colors, making it a new favorite in this year's customized home market. Precious materials, classic humanized design, excellent metal accessories and hardware, details show elegance and calm, luxurious and happy life taste. This kind of fresh and creative customized home is refreshing in this year's trendy life and can't help loving it

the dresser in the bedroom and the low cabinet with convenient life, as well as the noble and elegant personality, make people forget the hustle and bustle of the city. Only by enjoying the quiet customized space, can we understand the quality and charm of Hesheng elegant house, which is the soul of creativity. Happiness, such as appreciating an art requires intelligent cells, experiencing a perceptual soul required by life, and getting tired of the troubles of this world, we will look for this quiet and elegant art. Feel different customization and happiness in this art space. Feel the leisure like a dream in the colorful home life, and also feel the Milan style of time passing. Customize the home life

TV cabinet and background wall are simple but not simple. Design turns sensitivity into simplicity, color starts from the truth, and everything is for the needs of life. When you come home after a hard day's work, the customized living space here can effectively alleviate human fatigue. When you get home, you should run away from the pressure of work and enjoy the happy life of elegant colors. Quiet, textured, gorgeous and exuding natural elegance, life should be "wasted" in this beautiful customized space. Everything can be happy with unbridled reverie, overlooking the future, how happy and comfortable that life is

Beige study, a light colored home that young people like. Hesheng Yaju's bold creative design applies Milan style and color, and pays attention to humanized spiritual enjoyment. The unconventional combination of light gray background and solid color panel makes the study more relaxed and energetic. The artistic creativity of space combination and collocation is very interesting, including both lattices and the combination of drawers and cabinet doors. Classic design and natural color creativity create lasting personalized effects. Be calm, stay away from dust, and experience a humanistic temperature with a complete feeling of your heart. The natural and elegant light gray tone is also close to our inner desire, which is in line with the aesthetics of young people nowadays

Milan style is elegant and exquisite, and it also adapts to the leisure and comfort of modern life. This traditional artistic design, simple and always exudes noble temperament, transparent processing, hazy and colorful, intelligent color lighting at will, and happiness is all about how to create your own personal life needs. The section is made of American white oak, with clear and beautiful color and texture, and excellent steam bending performance. The panel is treated with Hesheng Yaju's unique technology, which makes the texture more delicate and elegant, and has the effects of wear resistance and antibacterial. Simple lines, horizontal and vertical, reduce unnecessary decoration. The simple and atmospheric lattice emphasizes the openness of space, and the concave convex customized home will bring different colors to your customized life and experience different happiness




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