It's hard to say goodbye to leituo's loving family

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Leituo's first cabinet design software training will last for 5 days from December 18 to 23, 2015

this morning, leituo's first cabinet design software training meeting was successfully concluded. After three days of hard study, the students passed the theory and practice examinations twice

finally got the honorary certificate of leituo cabinet design software

group 4, group 3 and group 6 performed well in team learning atmosphere and academic performance, and won the third, second and champion of this training meeting respectively

the fourth group won the third place of group PK

the third group won the second place of group PK

the sixth group won the team PK champion

finally, the warm training teachers sent Christmas apples to the students and wished leituo dealers all over the country peace in the future

it's hard to say goodbye. After five days together, on the occasion of parting, all the staff sang "a loving family" with mobile phone lights

starting today, leituo will add a group of excellent designers to travel all over the country to serve consumers across the country

leituo has cabinet online design software, which will make consumers truly feel the charm of customized home! In order to provide consumers with better services, leituo dealers all over the country go back to their stores, and continue to practice the operation of this software, get familiar with the functions of this software, and really play the role of this software, so that consumers can buy the products they want

leituo is wonderful and worthy of your expectation





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