Mix and match style westernized duplex continues O

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The furniture in the bedroom is not much, but the local layout is very eye-catching. The hollowed out design of the head of the bed complements the ancient Chinese paintings on the background wall and becomes the focus of the whole room

the chandelier on the top of the restaurant is a typical lantern shape. The festive red is matched with mysterious feather ornaments, and the strong color comparison forms a rhythm full of rhythm visually

the low profile ancient Chinese tea table exudes a strong Chinese style, but it embodies a modern flavor in its shape. The fashionable fabric sofa, decorated with wine red, has become the key to brighten the whole living room space

the model of Chinese pagoda temple architecture reflects the owner's interest in Chinese traditional culture. These improved Chinese elements continue the overall new Chinese style style

in the living room with light color, the furniture with simple lines reflects the rare simplicity. Antique accessories at home in the town show a clean and elegant Chinese style

the living room upstairs is a mix of postmodernism and Chinese style. Tradition and fashion, simplicity and complexity, black, red and white, etc. are cleverly contained in this living room. The main color is traditional Chinese red, and different spatial levels are created by using porcelain, wood carvings and exquisite cloth art, making the living room not only modern, but also stable and elegant





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