Two ways of handling decoration loans

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it is understood that many banks such as China Construction Bank and China Merchants Bank have opened the business of personal decoration loan, and each bank has different regulations on the way of decoration loan, loan amount, loan interest rate and so on. Generally speaking, owners can handle decoration loans in the following two ways:

the first is mortgage loans. Generally, the owner's property is used as collateral. The proportion of mortgage loan is 50% of the value of the mortgaged property & mdash; 70%。 It is worth noting that if many owners have chosen housing loans when buying a house and mortgaged the house to the bank, the bank will not allow the owners to mortgage the house again to apply for housing decoration loans

the second is the secured loan guaranteed by the guarantor, but it is generally required that both the applicant and the guarantor are civil servants. The amount of loan varies according to the administrative level of the applicant

on average, it takes about two weeks for the owner to apply for and complete the decoration loan procedures. The term of the loan ranges from three to five years, and the monthly interest rates vary. According to the relevant personnel of the bank, the interest rates of each bank are generally floating according to the loan interest rates of the same period and grade published by the people's Bank of China

in fact, in addition to the above two methods, many banks' unsecured credit loans can also be used for decoration





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