Double tiger wooden door brings simple life to mod

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Modern people have been immersed in flashiness for a long time. Those so-called streamer colors have long been tired. They just want to sit quietly in a corner, with no one to disturb them. Only those simple and honest people accompany them and find the paradise in their hearts

running around in the prosperity of this world, you will be tired and tired... Instead, you will miss that simple happiness, there is no unnecessary decoration, only quiet company

the designer of Shuanghu wooden door integrates modern fashion, deeply understands the psychological characteristics of modern people, and designs a series of simple wooden doors for modern people to create a simple home life

brownish red gives people a sense of rebirth, while not stimulating modern people's sensitive touch. Simple patterns with organized lines, coupled with idyllic walls, give people a comfortable and simple home life

the novel appearance, coupled with dark wooden doors, will not give people too strong stimulation, but also catch our eyes in an instant. Coupled with furniture in the same color, it gives people a simple modern home life. The shallow green waves in the meantime, giving people a simple but peaceful vitality

simple lines and simple patterns will not give people too much visual burden. At the same time, they are matched with bright colors to brighten people's eyes. The exquisite workmanship gives people perfect details, and people can feel its first-class quality

unique style, coupled with bright colors, makes people instantly find a fresh feeling from busy life. The light patterns on the walls make your home more harmonious. A simple life is shown all the time

let you find the simple home life you want in your busy life, give you a space to relax and stretch yourself, and let your heart stay in a simple life





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