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According to the materials provided by China Railway, the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway contact adopts lightning protection technology and electrical ice melting technology, which improves the comprehensive performance, which also stimulates the R & D and production of domestic products and disaster prevention performance. In this case, why is it still struck by lightning? Wang Zhijian, director of the Publicity Department of China Railway Electrification Bureau, said at the meeting yesterday that the situation is not as simple as you think, and it can not be explained clearly in one sentence or two

according to the senior engineering level of emergency repair power, they spent an hour and a half to repair the contact fault, and pointed out that this was by no means an ordinary lightning strike. Because the general lightning strike will cause an instantaneous short circuit, which can be recovered in a few seconds. This time, the contact will be powered off for a long time. There is only one possibility, that is, the electrical control system has failed, that is, software failure. According to another group of system engineers who checked the electrical control system, there are many abnormal data, which is likely to be invaded by malware

at present, the worm related to this invasion of the electric control system has been extracted and sent to the national computer network and Information Security Management Center for further detection and preparation for the next experiment. According to the preliminary analysis results, this worm is similar to the invasion of Iran's centrifuge control system in November last year. Green buildings account for more than 30% of new buildings. First, record the normal electric voltage data, and after the successful attack, The voltage is out of control until the train is paralyzed. In order to maximize the destructive effect, the virus sends normal voltage data to the monitoring equipment at the same time, which makes the alarm system and monitoring personnel unable to detect in time. When the train stopped, the electric control center staff thought everything was normal and didn't know what happened. It was a question from the dispatching room that they knew the problem

according to an official of the National Security Bureau, they had some basic information, and said that this was a confidential operation jointly initiated by the United States and Japan. After computer experts from the two countries created the virus, a simulation test was conducted in Japan's Shinkansen electric control system in May this year to ensure that the virus can effectively damage high-speed rail power

as soon as President Obama took office, the United States launched this plan, which was ordered to be implemented when China's Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway was opened

it is reported that Britain and Germany have provided assistance for the manufacture of this virus with or without knowledge, stiffness or stiffness deviation under specified load

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