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High speed rail exports lead made in China to high-end experts: post service should keep up with

Guide: Premier Li Keqiang inspected the construction of Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail in Changsha, Hunan Province, and praised China's high-speed rail for going abroad and raising China's aspirations

CNR finance and Economics Beijing, July 4, according to the voice of economics "CNR finance and Economics Review", the world cup is in full swing. Many kinds of peripheral products related to the world cup are selling well in Brazil, and a considerable part of them are made in China: jerseys, hats, and refueling artifacts, so that Chinese people finally have something to do with the world cup. The transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry has always been regarded as the locomotive of economic transformation and upgrading, and made in China has already crossed the stage of low-end processing and manufacturing. High speed rail is a business card of high-end manufacturing in China

Premier Li Keqiang inspected the construction site of Changsha South Station of Shanghai Kunming high speed railway in Changsha, Hunan yesterday. Hearing that the person in charge introduced that the equipment had been exported overseas, Li Keqiang said that railway construction should not only pursue economic benefits, but also social benefits. The ultimate goal is to promote the balanced development of regional economy and society. Chinese equipment and Chinese standards go abroad, which not only drives economic development, but also raises the aspirations of Chinese people. Generally, the selected magnification should be "X1"

in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where this world cup is held, 80% of the underground and ground rail transit vehicles that provide services to athletes and tourists from all over the world in Rio de Janeiro are products of CNR, which is also known as the Chinese train to the world cup. Compared with the simple export of high-quality products in the past, the equipment and technical standards of China's high-speed rail are indeed compacted in the work schedule and are in the forefront of the world. It can be said that from the export of products to the export standards, the export of high-speed rail is leading Chinese manufacturing to the high end

in 2009, China formally proposed the "going global" strategy of high-speed rail, which has gone through a five-year process so far. Premier Li Keqiang, known as the super salesman of China's high-speed rail, has introduced China's high-speed rail to many countries during many visits

in the view of some insiders, on the one hand, railway output is the export of rail transit equipment, which belongs to simple goods trade; On the other hand, the export of railway system not only provides locomotive, carriage, signal system and other equipment, but also lays the whole railway, which belongs to the combination of goods trade and service trade. In the eyes of Chen Xian, executive dean of the school of economics of Shanghai Jiaotong University, railway output is of great benefit to China's economic development

Chen Xian: the export of high-speed rail can drive our equipment manufacturing. China now has the ability to produce these high-speed rail vehicles, and there are many things related to steel and cement in the construction process of China's high-speed rail. On the one hand, it can drive exports, and at the same time, it can solve the overcapacity in these industries in China, and its role in the export of goods is very obvious. In particular, exporting to a pair of countries with relatively backward markets can also drive the export of China's transport service trade, and can be added to the operation and management of local high-speed rail, and gradually form an industrial chain in the whole high-speed rail export

with China's high-speed rail operating mileage officially exceeding 10000 kilometers at the end of last year, ranking first in the world, the increasingly mature Chinese train equipment manufacturing plays a major role in the export upgrading of China's high-end manufacturing products

Chen Xian: from the perspective of export, it comes to a relatively high level, that is to say, you not only export some goods, high-speed rail involves equipment export, but also high-speed rail has many technical standards, which means that the whole export has reached a higher stage, the scale of the whole trade has been large, and the added value has been high, which is a core issue of trade competitiveness

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