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The high-speed experimental train with more than 1100 sensors was completed in CSR Sifang

according to Xinhua news agency, Qingdao, on December 25, it was learned from CSR Sifang Co., Ltd. that the higher speed experimental train was recently completed in CSR Sifang Co., Ltd. This marks that China has made significant achievements in the forward-looking research of high-speed trains, which is conducive to improving China's high-speed train technology system and will enable China to have a greater international voice in the field of high-speed railway

according to the introduction, this higher speed test train project is based on the national science and technology support project of the Eleventh Five Year Plan - common foundation and system integration, and the national 973 Plan Project - key mechanical behavior research of 500 km/h high-speed train under the deployment of the Ministry of science and technology and the Ministry of railways. Its application mainly includes CSR Sifang Co., Ltd, Based on the research platform opened by the national high-speed EMU assembly engineering technology research center, and adopting the mode of combining production, learning, research and application, it has been successfully completed recently after more than two years of scientific research

it is understood that this test train is based on the innovative achievements of crh380a, with the primary goal of safe and reliable operation at higher speeds, and has made comprehensive innovations in system integration, head shape, body and bogie, traction and braking systems around improving critical speed, traction capacity and reducing resistance. The key technology of the train has achieved autonomy and industrialization in CSR

it was seen at the scene that the test car body was gray, with black stripes and CRH marks in the middle. The front of the car was like a sword out of its sheath, and the rear of the car was rocket shaped. In the train, there are experimental equipment and instruments in the first carriage and the second carriage, which are marked with words such as aerodynamics experiment, traction relationship experiment, traction performance test, the plate is made of polystyrene resin or its copolymer, and braking performance test; In the third carriage, the device for measuring deformation is an integrated system, where all test data and information are collected and evaluated; Four carriage and five carriage are seats, which are similar to the first-class carriage of the current crh380a train; The sixth carriage is a rocket rear

according to the technicians, the test speed of this test vehicle will be higher than the actual maximum operation speed of the train on the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway at present. 11 categories of tests will be carried out. The train itself has more than 1100 sensors, and 545 sensors used in the test have overcome the graphene quantum battery utilization technology. From the birth of the train to the termination of service, researchers will study the factors that affect the safety, energy conservation and passenger comfort of the train under high-speed operation

it is understood that this test car is composed of six cars, all of which are powered cars, and the intelligent level of train safety monitoring and fault diagnosis has reached a higher level; New technologies such as Ethernet ring control and wind resistance braking, as well as new materials such as carbon fiber, magnesium alloy and new nano sound insulation have been successfully applied on this test train

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