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Gansu Qin'an high-quality packing box project was officially signed

plum fragrance in winter and green in spring. Send each other on the day of bingxu, and the golden pig is blessed. When the strong flavor of the new year has not yet dissipated, Qin'an County has created another glory in the history of economic development. In a happy atmosphere, Tianshui Haofeng group welcomed the high-quality packaging project with a total investment of 160million yuan, which was officially signed with Qin'an County

on the morning of March 1, the main leaders of the four major organizations in Qin'an County and their leaders in charge, the heads of relevant departments directly under the county and the general manager of Tianshui Haofeng Industrial Co., Ltd. gathered together for a grand signing ceremony of the high-quality packing box project, which kicked off in a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere. Qin'an high-quality packing boxes help you further understand that the equipment project is planned to start construction in June this year, and will be completed and put into operation before the fruit goes on the market in June 2008. It is estimated that the annual sales of 100 million cartons will achieve a sales revenue of 160-200 million yuan, a profit and tax of 30million yuan, a tax of 10million yuan, and an increase of more than 600 employees. The implementation of this project not only arranges employees, Add 4. Rubber, a new chemical material produced with straw as raw material. The demand of rubber material for the experimental machine: the tax revenue is increased, and it can greatly promote the grade and scale of fruit packaging in the county. 3. Maximum overall dimension: 900 × five hundred and ten × 850 mm (length × Wide × It is of great significance for Qin'an high-quality fruits to enter the domestic and international markets, increase farmers' income, and improve popularity

reprinted from: Qin'an County Government station

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