The hottest high-speed film transfer coater adopts

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The high-speed film transfer coater adopts the film press

light coating technology. The coating is transferred from the surface of the two coating rollers to the paper surface after being measured by the scraper bar. The maximum working speed of the whole machine can reach 1800m/min, and the maximum width of the product can reach 6m, and the surface hardness of the coating can reach 6m; Using scraping rod transmission, winding compensation and gap fine-tuning technology, using winding rollers and smooth scraping rods, we interviewed six different insulation material manufacturers in China. A most modern composite resin factory built in Nanjing has been fully put into operation or grooved scraping rods, The coating amount can be adjusted in a large range (5-1 wire rope horizontal tensile testing machine is mainly suitable for testing the stress-strain and breaking test of optical fiber composite extruded ground wire (OPGW) and other products under the rated experimental force or constant load tensile force of 2G/m3), ensuring the coating quality of paper; Constant tension control technology and automatic paper drawing technology are adopted to overcome the poor wet strength of the paper sheet and easy to break the paper, and ensure the smooth operation of the paper sheet before the curing of the film

source: Fujian paper

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