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The author of the marketing strategy analysis report of China's printing industry: Mr. Yu Laiwen. Strategic competitiveness expert, chief consultant, senior researcher, senior trainer, master of business administration, doctor of management, now general manager of Shenzhen creative village marketing planning Co., Ltd., director and partner of Hua'ao International Consulting Co., Ltd. due to China's late entry into the market economy, the impact experiment of printing enterprises can not only test the impact resistance of components, but also have the following problems in marketing: 1 Backward enterprise marketing concept; 2. Severe shortage of marketing talents and poor management; 3. Some enterprises will not use non price competition means; 4. Some marketing personnel of printing enterprises do not have strong legal concept in marketing; 5. Most printing enterprises lack brand awareness. Marketing concept is the fundamental attitude and view of the leaders of printing enterprises towards the market and the starting point of all business activities. The core issue is what is the center to carry out the production and business activities of printing enterprises. Whether the marketing concept is correct or not plays a decisive role in the rise and fall of printing enterprises. After the reform and opening up, some printing enterprises tend to "profit first", which inevitably damages the corporate image and market position of enterprises. According to the modern marketing concept, any enterprise should be "market first". It is the requirement of the times to actively promote the innovation of marketing concept and change to modern marketing concept. At present, the marketing concept of many printing enterprises is still in the stage of production concept and marketing concept. The first step to do a good job in marketing innovation is to actively promote the innovation of marketing concepts and change to modern marketing concepts. Modern marketing concepts mainly include: social marketing concept, customer satisfaction marketing concept, service marketing concept, competition concept, relationship marketing concept, green marketing concept and corporate image concept. Reviewing the development of China's printing industry, 1 The development of books and periodicals printing enterprises of the verification project is slow; The development speed of packaging and printing enterprises is far ahead of that of book and periodical printing enterprises. The main reason is that the book printing enterprises have not really gone to the market. For a long time, their business has been issued by the superior publishing administration department or the publishing house, and the fees are based on the unified work price of books and periodicals, so there is no need to interfere with the sales, which has lost the development opportunity. In the face of fierce competition in the market, printing enterprises must face up to the reality and really establish a new concept of marketing ideologically. The unpredictable market requires the marketing personnel of printing enterprises not only to have a good knowledge structure, but also to have good comprehensive quality (moral quality, psychological and many mature technologies have been introduced to the market quality, professional quality, language expression ability, etc.). Printing enterprises should use multiple channels to cultivate and introduce marketing talents. There are two types of printed matter entering the market, ordering type and marketing type. At present, printing enterprises are mainly order oriented. Customers look for enterprises that meet the production requirements according to their own requirements for printing products. Therefore, printing enterprises have a strong dependence on customers. 1. Book and magazine printing enterprises should implement the 28 character policy of "pre press digital networking, printing multi-color and high efficiency, post press diversified automation, and high efficiency serialization of equipment" established by the national publishing administration, and improve the technical quality of enterprises in combination with the actual situation of enterprises. Whoever has the most advanced market can occupy the market. Only by constantly creating new processes, vigorously promoting new prints, and timely adjusting the production structure, can printing enterprises be based on the market. 2. Prints should be personalized and competitive. Make a sharp contrast between the printing products of the enterprise and other printing products in the industry, so as to make the enterprise unique. 3. Implement brand marketing innovation. The establishment of enterprise brand is an important business strategy in the information age. Through brand image building, publicity, printing update, quality improvement and other marketing means, create national and even world famous brands, and promote the marketing activities of enterprises with the help of famous brands. 4. Actively carry out network marketing and expand the market scope. Vigorously developing network trade is a new way for printing enterprises to explore domestic and foreign markets in the information age, and will become an important marketing means widely used by enterprises in the future. Network economy provides a virtual space for printing enterprises to comprehensively display the variety and quantity of their prints and services. Making good network advertisements can improve the popularity and business reputation of enterprises

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