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CSR's self-developed high-speed rail flaw detection vehicle will be delivered to the Hong Kong Railway

CSR's self-developed high-speed rail flaw detection vehicle will be delivered to the Hong Kong Railway

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the largest "China International Rail Transit Exhibition" in the Asia Pacific region opened in Pudong, Shanghai on the 17th. According to the CSR exhibition, as an important part of the "861d vehicle procurement project of the Hong Kong Railway Corporation Limited", the first high-end rail flaw detection vehicle exported in China has been basically manufactured and installed in Luoyang Locomotive Company, a subsidiary of CSR. It is expected that the whole vehicle test will begin in July this year, leave the factory in August and arrive in Hong Kong with the help of automobile transportation, and be delivered to the Hong Kong Railway in September. It will serve the Hong Kong Section of the Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong high speed railway in the future

railway professionals introduced to the author at the scene that the internal damage of the rail head has caused many rail breaking accidents. Therefore, the rail flaw detection vehicle is called "railway doctor", which is a professional vehicle used to detect the rail damage, and it is an internationally recognized high-end track engineering equipment

at present, CSR is the world's leading R & D and manufacturing base of high-speed EMUs and China's largest manufacturer of urban rail metro vehicles. Previously, CSR also received an order for 350 km/h high-speed multiple units from the Hong Kong Railway Corporation at 1.36 billion yuan. Luoyang Locomotive Company under CSR is the largest railway locomotive maintenance enterprise in China, and has successively provided high-end railway maintenance equipment products for Shanghai Metro, Guangzhou Metro, Shuohuang Railway and Hong Kong Railway

strive to continue to improve their market share. The engineering machinery people in the marketing center of CSR Luoyang Locomotive Company are also more and more picky about the quality of materials. Zhang Dong, the sales manager of the Department, told the author on the spot that the MTR side has made relatively strict preliminary technical preparations for the rail flaw detection vehicle this time. Therefore, it took more than a year to hold a careful technical exchange meeting in Hong Kong and Shenzhen once a month in turn. The project was officially started in October, 2013

CSR Luoyang Locomotive Co., Ltd. said that the flaw detection vehicle of Hong Kong Railway was specially independently developed for Hong Kong Railway Company, and it adopts its own diesel power design, which can operate on its own or coupled; Equipped with the world's most advanced "1900 rail ultrasonic flaw detection system" provided by Sperry company of the United States

Zhang Dong further introduced that the car adopts 6 wheel type ultrasonic flaw detection units, a total of 30 ultrasonic chips. With the installation mode of bogie, its patented installation angle can achieve complete detection coverage. The system has the ability to collect, store and analyze detection data of real-time plastic bottle waste, which is the most common kind of plastic waste. It can identify the type and size of damage, customize the damage level, locate and mark damage, etc, And realize offline data revisit and analysis and processing functions

as a world-class high-end track engineering equipment, the rail flaw detection vehicle of Hong Kong Railway is designed in accordance with BS, en and other international standards, meets the requirements of ergonomics, is safe, comfortable, beautiful, practical, economic and environmental protection, and has the characteristics of simple operation, dynamic detection, real-time positioning, wide coverage, etc. using information management, it can timely and accurately grasp the status of line information to ensure driving safety

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