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High quality rendering output is no longer the patent of AutoCAD

because the hospital decided to choose domestic CAD platform software to realize the legalization of design software, as the person in charge of the legalization of software, the author has used and compared several domestic CAD platform software for many times in recent years. After comprehensive consideration, our Institute introduced HaoChen ICAD platform software last year

in practical application, the ICAD platform software interface and operation are basically consistent with AutoCAD, DWG graphics files are relatively compatible, and the functions commonly used in engineering design are complete, which can fully meet the needs of practical use. The author is most impressed. 4. After the preparation of the sample, the lifting angle of the parking pendulum should be reduced by 20 ~ 40min in the experimental environment, and it is still a good performance in the "practical" performance

recently, HaoChen software launched ICAD 2006I, the HaoChen ICAD platform software. Its improvement in function and practicability makes the author and colleagues even more brilliant. Its improvement in the output of three-dimensional renderings is more comprehensive than AutoCAD2006. Here, I will share with you some experience in using this function, which is neither systematic nor comprehensive. Please give me some advice

3D rendering output: one of the main bottlenecks restricting the performance improvement of domestic CAD platform software.

as we all know, rendering output is the most commonly used basic function of designers, which not only seriously affects the quality of drawings, but also has a close relationship between the speed of its operation and the efficiency of drawing design

however, for a long time, the output of three-dimensional renderings has been the weakness of domestic CAD software, and the results obtained are not satisfactory and cannot enter the practical level. In order to output practical renderings, we have to install another set of AutoCAD, which virtually increases the drawing cost and reduces the drawing efficiency

HaoChen's new 3D rendering engine: the output effect is comparable to that of AutoCAD

the function of rendering output is mainly divided into three parts: hide, shade and render. At present, the 3D shading engine of HaoChen ICAD platform software ICAD 20b) whose ratio of the windward sectional area of the tested product to the total area of the laboratory chamber on this section is not more than (35 ~ 50)% (35% is recommended). 06i has completed the first two links, namely, blanking and coloring. The coloring speed and effect of ICAD 2006I are almost the same as AutoCAD, and even stronger than AutoCAD 2006 in print output

next, let's take a look at the results of the author's test on the function of HaoChen ICAD platform software ICAD 2006I:

from the test results, we can see that the coloring result of HaoChen ICAD platform software ICAD 2006I is very good, and the lighting effect is good. After coloring by other CAD platform software, 2D entities disappear, polygon outlines are incorrectly drawn, and other situations are completely avoided in ICAD 2006I. Moreover, due to the high contrast of HaoChen ICAD 2006I, the stereoscopic effect of the coloring result is stronger. According to the printing results, HaoChen ICAD 2006I corrected the error of abnormal white entity color in AutoCAD2006. When printing, the image is clear, the horizontal and vertical proportion is correct, the entity color is correct, and the processing speed is fast

it can be seen from the test results that HaoChen ICAD platform software ICAD 2006I has an absolute advantage over similar domestic platform software in the field of effect coloring, and has reached the same level with similar foreign products in terms of "practicality", and surpassed AutoCAD2006 in some aspects

the improvement of function is inseparable from the technical research of HaoChen software. Multiple anti aliasing technology is one of the important technologies of HaoChen to improve the quality of computer 3D coloring. In the traditional shading output effect, there are always many disharmonious "ladder shaped" serrations on the edge of the entity, which are not comparable to the photos. Through multiple anti aliasing technology, the user can get a smooth photo level shading effect without serrations. At the same time, after a lot of optimization processing, and using the key technologies such as Phong lighting model, hardware function simulation and hardware cache, the blanking The execution speed of shading is increased by more than 50%, and the shading effect and printing effect have been substantially improved

the output function of HaoChen's high-quality coloring effect drawing has been greatly improved, which has brought great convenience to the author's work and greatly improved the author's work efficiency. Here, the author hopes that HaoChen software will, as always, conduct in-depth research on technology, keep improving on products, and develop a new generation of shading engine that can provide users with more perfect, more authentic and more professional rendering quality of renderings. At the same time, it will strive to create its own CAD platform software brand that is not inferior to similar foreign products in all aspects. (end)

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