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Guangning, Zhuxiang, built the first paper County in South China to improve the overall profitability of its business. When looking for the level at the second Guangzhou international paper, paper, packaging and printing industry exhibition, the day before yesterday, Guangning made the left side of the swing rod align with the scribed line of the standard line board, and launched more than 30 investment promotion and cooperation projects. Guangning County held the first forest pulp paper, packaging and printing industry economic and Trade Fair yesterday, with more than 250 merchants at home and abroad Famous paper manufacturers gathered in the county and signed 31 projects with a total contract amount of 823 million yuan

Guangning is the only hometown of bamboo in Guangdong and the second largest in China. The bamboo forest in the county covers an area of 1.08 million mu. Bamboo is now a popular vehicle material, with more than 90 varieties in 14 genera and an annual output of 300000 tons. Bamboo can not only be used for bamboo craft, but also a good material for papermaking. At present, the paper industry has become the largest pillar industry in the county, with 41 paper-making enterprises and related supporting ink, printing, chemical and packaging enterprises, forming a complete industrial chain, including 16 pulp and paper enterprises above Designated Size, with an annual output value of 1.12 billion yuan, accounting for 28.3% of the industrial output value above designated size. There are 303 bamboo enterprises with an annual output value of more than 600million yuan

in order to give full play to the advantages of bamboo resources, expand the paper industry and bamboo industry, and develop characteristic economy. Guangning County Party committee and government put forward the "new strategy for the development of large paper industry" of "strengthening brand competitiveness, expanding industrial scale, and living by market demand", encouraging and promoting enterprises to seize the international market, and striving to build the largest forestry, pulp and paper base in South China

information source: Nanfang

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