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Guangxi Hechi Hongyu building materials city plans to introduce more paint brands to expand the market

Guangxi Hechi Hongyu building materials city plans to introduce more paint brands to expand the market

January 09, 2013

[China paint information] such machines as the national urbanization trend should be able to collect half of the debris in the garbage belt within five years, with obvious potential. Different industries are engaged in rural product promotion activities, and paint enterprises also think of this new field of development, Try to take this as a breakthrough and start to explore new growth points

Hechi is a typical emerging third tier market, which also radiates the county, county-level city and other fourth tier markets, as well as a broader rural market. Therefore, whether for the paint industry or any other home building materials industry, this is a coveted cake

why compete for this piece of cake? Marketing strategies such as straggling, doing things in their own way, and price scuffle have proved to be a failed move

as the first one-stop professional home building materials market with complete business forms in Hechi, Hongyu International Building Materials City covers an area of 120000 square meters with an investment of 400million yuan. Its project establishment and construction not only fill the gap in the professional home building materials market in Hechi, but also guide the new brand development direction for the vast number of building materials brands troubled by the "cold market"

what can Hongyu International Building Materials City bring to these building materials and home furnishing dealers to win? The answer is: branding, specialization, full format, one-stop, butler service

for Yao Xiaoqiang, the general agent of "Dulux" paint Hechi, the past year has not been happy. The manufacturer of "Dulux" paint products he acts for is AkzoNobel, the world's largest decorative paint company headquartered in the Netherlands. It provides Dulux paint to 50million families around the world every year. In Hechi building materials industry, it has always been the brand representative of high-end paint industry. Nevertheless, Yao Xiaoqiang still poured bitter water on the pond, "the Aluminization rate of river aircraft is as high as 80%. At present, the paint market is relatively chaotic, the brand and quality are uneven, and fake and shoddy products emerge in endlessly. Because the paint is a semi-finished product, many customers' brand awareness is not strong, they ignore the product quality, and they are easy to be fooled by the decoration master, which provides a living soil for counterfeiting and selling."

Rao Yuanbao, the general distributor of "Nippon Paint" Hechi exclusive store, confirms Yao Xiaoqiang's statement. In an interview, he also said that because the paint industry is a low attention industry and lacks the necessary means of market supervision, there are many, miscellaneous and disorderly brands of home decoration paint, "near famous brands" and other phenomena have been common. In recent years, the output and sales of Nippon Paint have always ranked first in the Asia Pacific region. With the industry-leading taste purification technology, its taste purification series product line covering middle and high-end people not only enables consumers to have more choices of fast taste purification products, but also consolidates its leading position in the taste purification coating market. However, accompanied by high sales, fake and inferior products are rampant in the market

on the one hand, the downturn in real estate transactions leads to excess supply and demand; on the other hand, the paint industry, which is frequently disrupted by fake and shoddy products and faces double attacks, how to break out of the siege and make a difference? Yao Xiaoqiang believes that the root cause of making and selling fake goods is not only the backward quality of consumers and brand awareness, but also the low threshold of market access. Because there is no professional and standardized building materials market, it is not only inconvenient for consumers to choose and buy, but also provides living soil for some greenhouse markets and road markets. These non-standard markets are the hardest hit areas for the production and sale of building materials products

"we are going to open a 'Dulux' Hechi image store, which is located in Hongyu International Building Materials City." Yao Xiaoqiang spoke out his thoughtful strategy. In November 2012, he signed a contract to rent two shops in the building materials City, with a total area of about 600 square meters, which will be used to display and sell several building materials and home furnishing brands such as "Dulux" paint and "fasilong" ceiling

"driven by the brand market of Hongyu International Building Materials City, standardize decoration and coating products, and purify the building materials market of the whole Hechi." Yao Xiaoqiang said that with the brand, specialization, full format and one-stop advantages of Hongyu International Building Materials City, it can not only turn away fake and shoddy products, but also ensure that consumers can buy authentic coatings, building materials and household products, and enjoy perfect product after-sales service guarantee

it is understood that more than 200 building materials and home furnishing brands have settled in Hongyu International Building Materials City, among which coating brands include Dulux paint, Nippon Paint, DuPont paint, Bauhinia paint, crocodile paint, etc

how to help these paint brands resist the economic winter and realize market expansion? He Wenxiang, marketing director of Hongyu International Building Materials City, answered the question

hewenxiang said that as a professional building materials market, popularity is fundamental. Only by attracting more consumers to buy, can we ensure the fundamental interests of the majority of settled businesses. In this regard, another important work to be carried out simultaneously during the early investment promotion of the building materials city is to carry out market research on most of the building materials brand agents, building materials consumers, potential consumers and other groups in Hechi's current market

the survey results show that building materials brand agents are eager to have a formal, professional and full-scale building materials market. With the development of the city, in order to further standardize the functions of the central urban area of Hechi, according to the unified planning of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, all the building and decoration materials industries in the urban area of the city will enter Hongyu International Building Materials City at the end of March this year, and implement the return to the market and standardized management. Hongyu International Building Materials City introduces the domestic leading business model, through brand operation, attracts brand merchants to settle in, turns away some brands with insufficient influence, low market share, and even "miscellaneous brands", reshapes the image of the entire Hechi building materials market, and improves the competitiveness of the entire industry; For the majority of consumers, a centralized professional market can not only save them from running around, but also attract them with the transparent product price, convenient distribution service and standardized after-sales guarantee of Hongyu International Building Materials City. With these advantages, it is bound to inject a lot of people, information and cash flow into the building materials City, and improve the competitiveness and voice of the market

hewenxiang believes that after building such a brand "regular army", Hongyu International Building Materials City will be based in the urban area of Hechi City, give full play to its regional advantages and the brand influence accumulated by the building materials city itself, and delete its tentacles from s to radiate to counties, county-level cities and rural markets. With the accelerating process of urbanization and new rural construction, here will be a wider land to be blown away with ear buds, waiting for the efforts and harvest of the majority of brand merchants

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