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Guangxi adjusts its industrial structure on a large scale

Guangxi has continuously strengthened its industrial structure adjustment in recent years and achieved preliminary results. In the whole autonomous region, large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, state-owned and state-controlled industrial enterprises, and enterprises above Designated Size have turned losses into profits as a whole. Among the 39 industrial categories, 11 have increased profits, 8 have turned losses into profits, and 9 have reduced losses

as a minority autonomous region with a relatively weak industrial foundation, Guangxi has also formed structural contradictions such as too large stalls, too many small and medium-sized enterprises, single structure, low level and heavy weight. Due to the problems of labor and materials, the smell in the car makes consumers uncomfortable and reconstruction. In order to solve the structural contradiction, which is the "bottleneck" restricting the development of industrial economy, Guangxi has carried out industrial structure adjustment from five aspects:

first, develop high-tech technology industry, focusing on the development of information technology industry, bioengineering industry, new materials industry, marine technology industry and environmental protection technology industry

second, transform traditional industries and develop new products with new technologies, new processes and new methods, and recreate the new advantages of traditional industries. On the basis of the 7billion yuan of technological transformation funds completed last year, it is planned to invest another 13.5 billion yuan this year to carry out technological transformation of backbone enterprises in key industries and improve the quality and technical content of products

third, implement group operation, optimize the enterprise organization structure by using the modern enterprise organization form, and cultivate a number of cross regional enterprise groups with great influence, driving and radiation in sugar, forestry, cement, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy and other advantageous industries. The first batch of 16 enterprises have entered the practical operation stage

fourth, shrink the stalls, control the total amount, and resolutely shut down small enterprises in four key industries: coal, sugar, metallurgy, and building materials. The sugar industry will gradually reduce the planting area of raw sugarcane from nearly 8million Mu to about 5million Mu and stabilize the sugar output at about 3.5 million tons by returning all farmland to forests in mountainous sugarcane areas with a slope greater than 25 degrees; The annual output of coal is reduced from 11million tons to 6million tons; The cement industry should close all mechanical shaft kilns with a diameter of less than 2.2 meters, and first eliminate the backward cement production capacity of 2million tons this year

fifth, fully liberalize state-owned small and medium-sized enterprises and vigorously develop non-state-owned economy. There are 1607 state-owned small and medium-sized enterprises in Guangxi. By the end of last year, the liberalization rate had reached 88.2%. This year, the goal is to achieve more than 95% liberalization and more than 80% revitalization, and further increase the vitality of liberalization. Recently, Nanning City, which accounts for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, decided to liberalize all small and medium-sized enterprises by means of contracting and leasing company system transformation within this year. In the first half of the year, it first completed the design of Chapter 4 "combustion performance grade", Chapter 5 "combustion performance grade criteria", and chapter 6.1 "combustion performance grade identification" of the original new national standard of hydraulic system, and 50 households were liberalized, accounting for about half

the strong and all-round structural adjustment has made Guangxi's industrial economy bright spots appear frequently, and the characteristic economic advantages are beginning to show

-- the sugar industry, which accounts for "half of the country" of the domestic sugar industry, achieved the lowest cost per ton of sugar in the country and the lowest loss in the country last pressing season. It successfully digested the loss increasing factors of 2.69 billion yuan. 41 of the 103 sugar refineries made profits, and the actual loss at the end of the year was only more than 150million yuan. This year, it is expected to turn losses into profits in the whole industry

-- the textile industry completed the ingot pressing task ahead of schedule, and all small textile enterprises have also been shut down or upgraded. The annual profit of 4.87 million yuan, the three-year goal of 2 years, and the "hat" of continuous losses for 8 years has been removed

-- the output value of non-ferrous metal industry in 1999 was 9.9 billion yuan, an increase of 7.8% over the previous year

-- the total output of coal has been reduced from 11million tons to 8million tons, and the number of small coal mines has been reduced from more than 5000 to 2000. The total production has been effectively controlled. (economic information daily)

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