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KuoDa architectural decoration opened Guangtong cloud call center

Golden Nest and silver nest are not as good as their own nest. This is an old saying. Now people who buy houses pay special attention to decoration and always want to decorate their houses as they want, beautiful, or full of personality. While pursuing comfort, beauty is increasingly used in home decoration. The domestic decoration market is huge, and there are many decoration companies of all kinds. It is also difficult for many homeowners to choose a good and suitable decoration company after buying a house. The previous communication and consultation is an important link. Homeowners cannot personally go all over each decoration company to inquire. It is a good way to save time. After decoration, after-sales maintenance is also mainly completed through. Can the current answering of decoration companies meet the needs of their own business? According to the relevant survey feedback, most decoration companies need to be equipped with call centers to meet the operational needs

Beijing KuoDa architectural decoration company used the Guangtong cloud call center as early as 2011 and opened a unified consulting service for the western market with a win-win situation. Homeowners who need decoration can also access calls for online consultation when logging into KuoDa station. Through a series of functions aimed at the characteristics of the enterprise, Guangtong cloud call center provides better services for more customers and establishes a good corporate image

for enterprises, the effects that can be achieved by using this centralized platform call center:

(1) national unified access improves the service image of enterprises

by using the national unified number access method of section 400, the service image of enterprises can be effectively improved, the popularity of enterprises can be improved, and the trust of enterprise customers can be increased

(2) quickly establish an enterprise call center system

through the Guangtong cloud call center platform, enterprises can quickly establish their own call center services in a short time, without having to spend a lot of time establishing their own traditional call center system, which fully ensures the rapid response to the development of enterprise application business

(3) reduce service costs and effectively manage resources

through the Guangtong cloud call center platform, enterprises can effectively reduce investment costs when establishing their own call center services, and have great flexibility when the number of seats is expanded or reduced. The type of seats does not need to use the special seats of the traditional call center, but can use ordinary local calls or come as seats, which can be realized at a low cost. 8. Turn off protection We provide 24-hour enterprise services and make effective use of the existing resources of the enterprise

(4) rapid implementation of distributed agent deployment

according to the characteristics of enterprise distributed agent application, Guangtong cloud call center can be deployed in a very short time, and the enterprise does not need to increase more investment. It can be established only by agent computer and a telephone. Centralized management can be achieved among distributed agents

the main disadvantages of these two transmission modes of Beijing Huatie Guangtong: the former requires regular lubrication. Telecom technology company is a telecom operator committed to providing professional, high-quality communication and communication value-added services for enterprise customers. The company has call center telecom operation platform infrastructure all over the country, as well as the largest and longest operating call center operation platform in China, It provides various communication services for tens of thousands of enterprise customers in hundreds of industries, but becomes a truly tailorable service

it is the purpose of Guangtong cloud call center to provide the best and strongest technical and service support for the constantly developing decoration industry and other related industries, and I would like to share with the majority of industry insiders here

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