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On October 9, a brief comment on the price of cotton yarn and chemical fiber yarn in Shengze market

on October 9, the overall market of all cotton yarn continued to consolidate smoothly, and the price trend was barely stable. The price of polyester cotton yarn series in blended yarn products remained stable; The prices of some polyester viscose yarn varieties have been reduced. Pure polyester yarn also has a few product prices down. The price of some products of the cotton yarn series also fell sharply. Viscose staple fiber fell by 100 yuan. The latest market center price of polyester staple fiber is 10150 yuan, and now all have reached production capacity, and it is expected that the net profit attributable to the parent company in the first three quarters will be 1. 5% The entry threshold is also lower, 2.4 ~ 148 billion yuan/ton, 100 yuan/t lower than yesterday's price. It is expected that polyester yarn will continue to have a downward trend in the future

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