Guangxi has achieved remarkable results in promoti

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Guangxi has achieved remarkable results in promoting the application of renewable energy buildings

Guangxi has achieved remarkable results in promoting the application of renewable energy buildings

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the application proportion of renewable energy in buildings in Guangxi is rising, and the application of renewable energy buildings has achieved good results: in the three years from 2009 to 2012, seven cities including Nanning and Liuzhou, Gongcheng Lingchuan and other 10 counties have been approved as national renewable energy building applications. In view of the high threshold of type 811 technology, the demonstration task covers an area of 22.85 million square meters, and received a total of 545 million yuan of state subsidies. In the next step of renewable energy demonstration construction, new renewable energy technologies, including solar energy, air energy, geothermal energy, wind energy and biomass energy, will be more widely promoted and applied in power supply, heating, gas supply, transportation and construction nationwide

for a long time, according to the national renewable energy building application policy and in combination with the actual situation of Guangxi, Guangxi has issued a series of policies, regulations, standards and technical guidelines related to the payment of "packaging tax", such as the implementation opinions on promoting renewable energy building application, and created a number of renewable energy building application demonstration cities, demonstration areas and counties such as Nanning and Liuzhou; Organize the technological research and development, demonstration and promotion of new energy such as solar energy, shallow geothermal energy and biomass energy in the construction of villages and towns, and actively support the development of comprehensive solar energy application technology in rural and remote areas

in addition, Guangxi has improved the incentive mechanism and organized all cities and counties to apply for the pilot project of special financial funds for energy conservation and emission reduction (building energy conservation) in Guangxi. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the Finance Department of the autonomous region arranged a total of 200million yuan of special funds for building energy conservation at the autonomous region level, of which 37.1 million yuan was invested in the application and demonstration construction of renewable energy buildings. Encourage the construction of renewable energy building application projects by "replacing subsidies with awards" and accelerate the large-scale application of renewable energy in buildings; Publish policies and regulations on renewable energy building application through relevant media, organize part of the construction orders, make the upper and lower jaws different positions, visit the project cases with significant implementation effects, and promote the application of renewable energy buildings; Establish the expert database of building energy conservation in the autonomous region, organize visits to various places for on-site observation and learning, and strengthen the guidance on the application of solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, shallow ground energy and other technologies. Through the pilot demonstration, Guangxi renewable energy building application is gradually realizing the "three-step" strategy from "demonstration project" to "demonstration city and county" and then to "comprehensive promotion", gradually forming a "point, line and area" development pattern of "connecting points into lines and extending lines into areas", and establishing "five systems" of regulations and policies, technical standards, industrial products, capacity-building and application modes

in the next step, Guangxi will adjust measures to local conditions, enrich application forms, expand application fields, and expand applications. 2. If the equipment adopts the scale of handover work mode, encourage social funds to participate in the application of renewable energy buildings, vigorously promote the application of renewable energy buildings such as solar energy, air energy, shallow ground energy in the energy-saving transformation of new buildings and existing buildings, and increase the application of solar thermal systems in urban middle and low-rise residences, hotels The promotion of schools and other public buildings with stable hot water demand requires that at least one kind of renewable energy should be used in the "four types of buildings" with renewable energy utilization conditions in the urban planning area. It is stipulated that new (including reconstruction and expansion) public buildings with a central air-conditioning system and a building area of more than 20000 square meters with stable hot water demand should be equipped with the design and construction of air-conditioning waste heat recovery and utilization devices to actively promote air sources Application of surface water source and sewage source heat pump technology. By the end of 2020, the consumption proportion of urban renewable energy building applications in the field of housing and urban rural construction in Guangxi will be significantly increased

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