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Guangxi Beihai accelerates the implementation of the 8.6 generation LCD panel project of Huike group

on the morning of May 23, Wang Naixue, Secretary of the CPC Beihai Municipal Committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, met with Wang Zhiyong, President of Huike group and other senior leaders in Shenzhen to discuss and accelerate the cooperation of Huike group's mobile intelligent terminal industry cluster project, 8.6 generation LCD panel production project, intelligent display terminal industry new town and other projects

Wang Naixue conveyed the important instructions of the leaders of the Party committee and government of the autonomous region on the construction of Huike project, and thanked Huike group for its positive contributions to promoting the development of Beihai electronic information industry. He said that the Huike project is not only a major project of Beihai City, but also a major project promoted by the autonomous region as a whole. Beihai will resolutely implement the important instructions of Lu Xinshe, Secretary of the Party committee of the autonomous region, "strengthen the leading, supplement the chain, and gather groups". Huike Electronics will be regarded as one of the three strategic node projects of Beihai this year, and the phase I and phase II projects of the mobile intelligent terminal industry cluster will be promoted in accordance with the established direction, And pay close attention to the preliminary work of the 8.6 generation LCD panel production project. We sincerely hope that Huike group will put the new city project of intelligent display terminal industry in Beihai. We both need a basic list of universal wood-based panel testing machines: rotating wear testing machines to strengthen confidence, but also to be wise and think of ways to jointly promote the implementation of the project, strive to cluster the three hundred billion yuan industries of Huike mobile intelligent terminal, LCD panel and intelligent display terminal, build Huike into the flagship of the high-end manufacturing industry of Beihai electronic information, and make Huike truly become the leading enterprise of Guangxi electronic information, Consolidate the leading position of Beihai electronic information industry in the region

purchase method of Wang testing machine Zhiyong introduced the development of Huike group in the field of mobile intelligent terminals, liquid crystal panels and the whole industrial chain of intelligent display terminals. He thanked Guangxi and Beihai for their long-term support to Huike group, which made the XPS industry face survival challenges, appreciated the good business environment of replacing hydraulic oil in Beihai, and said that he would not disappoint the expectations of Guangxi district Party committee and Beihai Municipal Party committee, We should work hard and do things successfully. While fully promoting the early completion and production of existing projects, we should firmly take Beihai as an important strategic development base of Huike group and settle more projects in Beihai

municipal leaders Peng Mingda, Chen Xun and heads of relevant municipal departments attended the meeting

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