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Guangrao, Shandong Province has become an important national rubber tire industry base

at present, the national steel billet market of rubber tire enterprises in Guangrao County, Shandong Province has grown steadily to 28, with a total asset scale of 16 billion yuan, a gross industrial production value of 15 billion yuan, an annual output capacity of more than 55 million, accounting for 30% of the national market share, and an export volume of 450million US dollars, becoming an emerging tire production base attracting the attention of the same industry in the country

it is understood that in order to promote the further development of the rubber tire industry, the county has formulated the development plan of the rubber tire industry of the whole county, taking it as the pillar industry supported by the county, increasing the investment of advantageous funds, innovating and creating brands, and taking the road of internationalization and industrial clusters. The industrial efficiency and overall strength have been significantly enhanced, and the whole industry has entered a new period of rapid development

Guangrao County takes increasing investment as a lasting driving force to drive the development of rubber tire industry, constantly optimizes the investment structure, and promotes the optimization of industrial structure and expansion of scale by launching new good projects with high scientific and technological content, good economic benefits, low environmental pollution and strong radiation driving ability. This year, the county implemented four key projects in the rubber tire industry, with a total investment of 1.3 billion yuan and a new sales revenue of 4.06 billion yuan. In the past five years, the total investment in the rubber tire and supporting industries in the county has reached 7.37 billion yuan, and 53 industrial projects have been implemented in total. The new sales revenue. The pressure shear testing machine is mainly used for shear elastic modulus, friction coefficient, and allowable rotation experiments. It has the following characteristics Oil cylinder type, 4-column structure, high rigidity, low strength and small deformation of the frame, which meets the experimental requirements of highway and railway bridge slabs, tanks and ball bearings. The experimental space is stepless and adjustable, which is convenient for the experimental requirements of different heights At present, there are many types of pressure shear testing machines on the market, with 13.455 billion yuan. In 2007, the county produced 26.8 million radial tires, accounting for 17.5% of the country

in vigorously developing the rubber tire industry, we should pay attention to scientific and technological innovation and deepen the combination of industry, University and research. At present, the tire production enterprises in the county have established 4 technology centers above the municipal level, established long-term and stable cooperative relations with 16 domestic scientific research institutions and universities, and independently and jointly developed more than 110 new products. Implement the famous brand strategy, pay attention to the management, promotion and declaration of brands, and reward the declared famous brand products. At present, the tire products of five enterprises in the county have won the title of "Shandong famous brand", and the "AAA" trademark of Shengtai group has won the title of "China famous trademark"

to further expand and strengthen the rubber tire enterprises, implement the internationalization strategy and expand the development space; We will strengthen joint ventures and cooperation with foreign countries, adopt international standardization organizations for production, and our products will continue to enter the international market and gain a firm foothold. In addition, strengthen policy support, actively help enterprises apply for import and export rights, and encourage and guide rubber tire enterprises to expand exports. In 2007, there were 32 rubber tire export enterprises, with an export of 450million US dollars, an increase of 25% over the previous year, accounting for 66.7% of the county's export volume, and 6 enterprises with exports of more than 10 million US dollars. At the same time, establish strategic resource bases abroad to reduce the business risks caused by raw material price fluctuations. On the basis of the original 90000 Mu natural rubber plantation base, Xishui group requisitioned another 300000 mu of land in fengshali Province, Laos, and preliminarily completed the land reserve for future rubber plantation

develop industrial clusters, expand industrial chains, and take the road of sustainable development. At present, the rubber tire industry in the county has formed a relatively complete industrial chain with wheels, tire molds, capsules, vulcanizers, carbon black, steel cord, cord fabric, etc. The steel cord with more than 1000 stores of Hualian Group Participating in the "Green Plan", the wheel 4 of Yongyi group, the fastener tire rubber bag made of malleable cast iron and cast steel, which is mainly used for scaffolding, derricks and formwork support with a nominal outer diameter of 48.3mm and 51mm of steel pipes in construction projects, the radial tire mold of Jintai group and Wantong mold company, and the carbon black of best company have reached the domestic advanced level, The industrial system is basically complete

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