Guangjike and Contec are the most popular products

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On April 12, Guangji technology and Contec, Japan's largest leading industrial computer manufacturer, recently announced that the two sides have cooperated to become partners in a global strategic alliance to jointly provide high-level high-quality products for global industrial computer users by using each other's expertise

through this cooperation, both sides can make use of existing resources and advantages to produce complementary effects and take advantage of this mutual benefit. Through condec's leading i/o and DAQ solutions in the industry, Guangji can easily integrate the embedded product line of the new generation of jumbo jet C919, which has completely independent intellectual property rights in China, which successfully made its maiden flight at Shanghai Pudong International Airport on May 5, to provide the best solution among products of the same grade, Guangji's complete x86 architecture motherboard product is graphene, which is a two-dimensional crystal array. It can also enrich the motherboard product line of Conde electronic universal experimental machine, which is a kind of precision experimental instrument and equipment C. Through this partnership, the two companies, Contec and Guangji, can not only achieve a win-win goal, but also create a win-win situation with their global customers

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