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Causes of roof accidents and prevention techniques

1. Causes of roof accidents

in mining production activities, roof accidents are the most common accidents, and the reasons for roof accidents are:

(1) unreasonable mining methods and poor roof management to produce ethylene propylene rubber from bio vinyl. Unreasonable mining methods, improper mining sequence, drilling and blasting, support caving and other operations are important reasons for such accidents

(2) lack of effective support. Another important reason for this kind of accident is the improper support method, the untimely support or the lack of support, and the initial support force of the support does not adapt to the roof pressure

(3) poor inspection and carelessness. In roof accidents, many accidents are caused by the lack of careful and comprehensive inspection in advance, carelessness, and the failure to seriously implement the system of knocking on the top

(4) poor geological conditions. It causes geological structures such as convergent faults and folds between particles to form fracture zones, or destroys the stability of the roof due to the development of joints and bedding, which is prone to roof accidents

(5) ground pressure activity. Ground pressure activity is also an important reason for roof accidents

(6) other reasons. Failure to observe the operating procedures, failure to deal with problems found in time, irregular working cycle of the working face, blasting collapse of supports, etc. are easy to cause roof accidents. Materials are running out of fossil raw materials

roof accidents can be inspected and observed by simple methods and instruments. The commonly used simple methods include wooden wedge method, marking method, listening judgment method, vibration method, etc. Roof alarm instrument, mechanical dynamometer, steel string manometer and earth sound instrument can also be used to observe roof and ground pressure activities

2. Roof accident prevention and control technology

to prevent and control the occurrence of roof accidents, we must strictly abide by the safety technical regulations and take comprehensive preventive measures from many aspects

(1) choose a reasonable mining method. Selecting reasonable mining methods, formulating specific safety technical operation procedures, and establishing normal production and operation systems are important measures to prevent roof accidents

(2) do a good job in geological survey. The geological structure of the area where the mining face passes must be investigated clearly, and reliable safety technical measures must be taken when passing through the geological structure belt

(3) strengthen the support and maintenance of the roof of the working face. In order to prevent the occurrence of roof accidents, the distance between the permanent support and the heading face shall not exceed the requirements of the regulations, and the operation under the empty roof is not allowed. Temporary support shall also be provided between the heading face and the permanent support. If the support is found to be bent, skewed, broken and deformed, it must be carried out. The specimen should be clamped symmetrically by the jaw as required, and it should be replaced or repaired in time

(4) adhere to regular circular operation

(5) strict roof monitoring system

(6) deal with the goaf in time

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