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Steady growth there is no "worry about speed" in China's economy

steady growth there is no "worry about speed" in China's economy

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Guide: the driving force of economic growth is still strong, and there will be no rapid decline in growth. With the release of economic data in the second quarter, the market is increasingly worried about China's economic downturn. One view is that the decline in economic growth will lead to a series of economic and social problems, such as declining income and increasing unemployment. Some experts believe that politics

the driving force of economic growth is still strong, and there will be no rapid decline in growth

with the introduction of economic data in the second quarter, the market is increasingly worried about China's economic downturn. One view is that the decline in economic growth will lead to a series of economic and social problems, such as declining income and increasing unemployment. Other experts believe that after the government adopts strict austerity policies to return inflation to normal levels, large-scale deflation will occur, causing China's economy to turn from overheating to supercooling

there are opportunities in the decline

for market concerns, the latest data released by the National Bureau of statistics responded: GDP growth has basically stabilized at 9.5% - 10% for four consecutive quarters. Sheng Laiyun, spokesman of the National Bureau of statistics, commented, "compared with the development goals set in the 12th Five Year Plan and from the international level, this growth rate is not low."

there are still some major economic indicators falling in the not low growth rate. In this regard, Fang Zhulan, a professor at the school of economics of Renmin University of China, pointed out in an interview with this newspaper that China's economy will not have a "hard landing", because there are greater development opportunities in the fall of economic growth. 4. Fang Zhulan said that unlike western developed countries, China is in the transition period of development structure and industrial model, so many things look problematic on the surface, but in fact, there are many development opportunities in the transition. At present, the key to seize the opportunity is to tap the potential of human capital. She said that while paying attention to the problems of excessive currency and high prices, the management should broaden their thinking and create conditions to maximize the potential of social human capital, rather than simply control money. In the United States, it is easy for young people to obtain funds for entrepreneurship, but in China, it is difficult to obtain personal entrepreneurship loans. In fact, the biggest infrastructure construction in a country is no longer the construction of airports and roads in the past, but the release and construction of human capital. She believes that if we do a good job in this infrastructure construction, China will not miss the opportunity in transformation

American professor David BEM also pointed out that the economic slowdown will lay a more solid foundation for China's future development. He said that no country can maintain such high-speed growth for 30 consecutive years. It is amazing that China has achieved this. In the future, China's economic speed will slow down, not to say that everything will not develop, but to slow down a little, so that China looks more like a normal country than a special country

speed is by no means the "key"

compared with economic growth, more insiders believe that for the current Chinese economy, speed is by no means the "key". The really important issue is the whole "12th Five Year Plan" and even a longer period of time, and the transformation of development mode is the core point of Chinese economy

"the growth rate is not the only indicator of China's economic strength in Anyang and even in Henan Province." Fang Zhulan believes that China is currently crossing the threshold of economic development model transformation, just like a carp jumping over the dragon's gate. How to jump over the dragon's gate is the key at present, and the growth rate cannot reflect the economic quality. In the past, economic growth mainly depended on the export-oriented production of low-quality labor. Now such profit space is getting smaller and smaller, and we must turn to expanding domestic demand. The current transformation is mainly to reform the system and culture at a deeper level

experts believe that there are certain benefits to the slowdown of economic growth. Fang Zhulan said that the reduction of growth rate can eliminate the low-quality industries in the past, such as OEM production and high pollution industries. In the slowdown time, we can carefully cultivate advantageous industries with brand, technology and property rights advantages

David BEM is also fully optimistic about China's future economic growth, but he believes that China's economic development model needs to be transformed. He believes that if the future economic growth is driven by domestic demand, it can create greater glory for China's future. He said that China's future should be a domestic demand driven model, but it takes time to adjust from this model to the next one, which is why China's economy may slow down

the stable growth trend has not changed

from the perspective of the "troika" driving the economy, China's economic growth momentum is still strong, and the risk of rapid decline is small. The latest statistics show that in the first half of the year, the national growth rate was 25.6%, local investment growth rate was 28.1%, and private investment growth rate was 33.8%; In terms of consumption, the total retail sales of social consumer goods in the first half of the year was 8583.3 billion yuan, an increase of 16.8% year-on-year. This indicator is not low; In terms of import and export, it maintained a growth rate of about 20% in the first half of the year. Although the growth rate fell slightly, the trend of stable growth has not changed

as for the endogenous driving force of China's economic growth, Fang Zhulan said that first of all, after the transformation model was put forward, local governments are actively implementing it and vigorously developing a new environment-friendly economy, which is an endogenous driving force. Secondly, after 30 years of development, the quality of Chinese people has been greatly improved. In the past, everyone was very concerned about the speed and scale of economic development. Now they also realize that to develop national brands, it is necessary to have their own experts. It is difficult to have a turnaround for basic metals and precious metals. Their first-class enterprises compete in the international market. From the perspective of human capital reserves, this is the biggest endogenous driving force. The third endogenous driving force is that China now has enough money. When it has money, it can engage in research and development, and has the ability to further develop in terms of manpower and materials

insiders generally believe that from the current stage and trend of China's economic development, we should not worry about the economic growth rate, but to make the speed more quality. If the speed is appropriate, a large number of out of tolerance plastic parts may be produced. When it falls, we should quickly do our internal skills, and prepare to maintain or improve the speed in the next round of new industrial competition

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